This Week at the Diggity’s – 2015 Week 7 (Not the Wahoos in Meridian, Folks!)

It’s been a great week here in Bronco Nation!  Coming off the win against Idaho State. The starting of the Rypien/Stuart/Ogle Eras. The fan base is giddy going back east and taking on an ACC foes. My prediction this week is Broncos win 28-17. I hope I’m not even close to it. On the good side, of course.


So my Twitter highlight of the week is that the voice of Siri followed me. I’m one of 400k that she follows so I don’t feel particularly special… Early entry in the “Movie I Don’t Want To See” category for this week – “The Walk”. I’m not quite sure how you can make tight rope walking exciting. I’m pretty sure you can’t… The Tommy Football, Brett Rypien, and Alex Ogle eras all started against Idaho State. It’s unfortunate that Ryan Finley had to get injured to do so. It was a great team win though. 52-0 is no joke. My prediction was 59-20. I was a bit off... One of my tweets made the Idaho Statesman’s coverage of the game against Idaho State. I can’t take credit for the name. That would be @BoiseFanSince07…


If you get injured celebrating something other than a championship, you shouldn’t be allowed to play sports… Holy gosh the Alabama-Ole Miss game was a treat and a horror to watch.  It lasted like eleventeen hours… The Broncos didn’t hop back in to either of the Polls this week. That’s really not a surprise thoughBowl Predictions are out from ESPN. Brett McMurphy has the Broncos in the Las Vegas Bowl against Utah.  The Hawaii Bowl against Tulsa is where Mark Schlabach predicts Boise State will go. I think winning will change that (duh)Congrats to Jeremy McNichols and Tanner Vallejo for winning Mountain West Conference Player of the Week honors. Jeremy won for offense and Tanner brought home the award for special teams

IMG_2521 IMG_2520

I’m so not into the new “Muppet Show”. I haven’t watched it. I don’t think I want to… Here are the games that I watched at least some of: Florida State/Boston College,  Idaho State/Boise State, Nevada/Texas A&M, Air Force/Michigan State, Central Michigan/Syracuse, Georgia State/Oregon, UConn/Missouri, Nebraska/Miami, Auburn/LSU, Georgia Tech/Notre Dame, Northern Illinois/Ohio State, Utah State/Washington, South Carolina/Georgia, Wofford/Idaho, Texas Tech/Arkansas, Stanford/USC, Ole Miss/Alabama, BYU/UCLA, Northern Arizona/Arizona, UC-Davis/Hawaii… Neil Patrick Harris’ new show, “Best Time Ever”, is pretty good from what I saw of it. I think they that it’s format is perfect for short attention span America… I was saddened by the news that we lost Yogi Berra. Not only a baseball great, but an American hero. He’ll be missed… It annoys me when a commentator says a quarterback got “most of his yards in the 4th quarter”.  Umm…wasn’t the QB still playing in the game? The 4th is still part of the game, right?

Since it’s Virginia…you knew this had to be coming, right?

It’s one of those games where things can go very right or very wrong. We hope it goes very right!  Enjoy your week and spread kindness like confetti!

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