This Week at the Diggity’s – 2015 Episode 8 (Aloha Also Means Goodbye)

The Broncos are back on The Blue this week with the Rainbow Warriors coming to town. After an amazing game last Friday, are we able to say that the team is on that upward climb? I do believe so.  All I know is that I am getting more and more excited by the future that Brett Rypien brings.  GO BRONCOS!


Boise State played its first complete game of the year. Well at least the closest to it. When you start with a pick 6 on the very first play, that really sets a tone. Obviously, Brett Rypien is the future. I predicted 28-17. I was off by a mile in the best way… Mrs. Diggity straight up freaks out the second her players stop producing points in fantasy football. I should let you know that this is her first time playing. She has zero chill… I think it’s awesome that there is a beer can with my favorite football team on it. But it’s awesomeness is offset by the fact that the beer is Bud Light… The Broncos are moving up towards being ranked again. They’re right outside of the top 25. Maybe one more win…or two…Did anyone stare at the night sky looking for the Super Blood Moon this week? If you didn’t, here’s a pic for you. Exciting isn’t it?…


Here are the games I checked out this past weekend: Cincinnati/Memphis, Boise State/Virginia, BYU/Michigan, Delaware/North Carolina, LSU/Syracuse, Northern Illinois/Boston College, Tennessee/Florida, UMass/Notre Dame, TCU/Texas Tech, Army/Eastern Michigan, Utah/Oregon, Texas A&M/Arkansas, UCLA/Arizona, Georgia Southern/Idaho, USC/Arizona State… This week’s bowl predictions are in: Brett McMurphy has the Broncos in the Las Vegas Bowl vs. Arizona and Mark Schlabach puts Boise State in the Hawaii Bowl vs. Temple. CBS Sports is predicting the Fiesta Bowl against Ole Miss… The genius of the week goes to a man in San Diego. He had a breathalyzer lock on his car so he captured a raccoon to unlock it. He squeezed the little guy so much that it was unconscious. Well, the masked cuddle buddy woke up in a bad mood and decided to assault his captor. How awesome is Mother Nature? (After writing this, I actually read on that it was a fabrication. Still funny enough though.)… It’s good to see that non-sports national publications are giving the Broncos some run. Time Magazine puts Boise in “the best towns for college football” along with places like Baton Rouge, Tuscaloosa, and Madison… The movie I DON’T want to see this week is – “The Last Witch Hunter”. C’mon Vin Diesel. Hunting witches? That’s as ludicrous as you being a nanny. Oh wait… If you make sandwiches with apples or cranberries, I’m not coming to your restaurant. And don’t tell me that a turkey-cranberry sandwich tastes like Thanksgiving. Nothing does but Thanksgiving… Twitter is talking about doing away with its 140-character limit. If I wanted to read more, I’d go to Facebook. Or a real book… 

I usually go with an opponent-themed song for the “song of the week”.  That being said, I don’t think anyone wanted to hear the “Hawaii 5-0” theme song for the billionth time in their lives. I’m just going to go random…

I hope that by this time next week, the Broncos will be back in the Top 25 and 1-0 in their defense of the Mountain West Championship. Until then, spread kindness like glitter!  – The Diggitys

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