BTN Predictions: Week 6 vs. Colorado State


Derek – I AM THE PREDICTION KING!!!! After last week where I stated that I was horrible at predictions, this blind squirrel finally found a nut!  55-0  RIGHT ON THE DOT.  Can I do it again?  Doubtful.  Sigh.  I will give it a shot though!  It is hard to say whether this team is really starting to click, or if our last two opponents were SO bad that they made us look that good.  How about we settle on that it may be a combination of the two.  I do think that Brett Rypien will continue to get comfortable as he starts his third game, and our defense, well, it really is THAT good.  As far as CSU goes, outside of Savannah State, they have  scored an average of 24 points on offense and given up an average of 28 on defense.  I doubt they score 24 are our awesome D, and I am sure we score more than 28.  Once again, Boise State goes over the mid-century mark, and the defense is excellent again.  Boise State 51 CSU 10

Tami – I think this game might be a little closer than we as fans would like. The Broncos are due for the traditional Boise State Flat Start and Terrifying Third Quarter. Not saying that the Broncos won’t win handily. Just not sure it’s going to be a blowout. CSU is due to live up to a little more potential and is probably angry after taking a beating from Utah State. No matter what CSU comes up with, pretty sure that Bronco D is gonna Bronco D and this thing won’t really be in too much question. Boise State 42, Rams – 21

Noel – Last year, the Rams had a quarterback that “won” the Mountain West Player of the Year.  They also had a different head coach. As much trouble as the Broncos had with Colorado State last year (big air game, couldn’t stop 3rd downs) and in the state of Colorado (that one game, you know), it’s not going to happen this year. The Boise defense is much improved and Colorado State won’t be able to move the ball against them. I see a blowout and the 1s will be out before the end of the 3rd.  Broncos 60, Rams 20

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