This Week at the Diggity’s – 2015 Episode 9 (Ram-a-lam-a-ding-DAAAAMN)

Every week, I worry about something concerning the upcoming Boise State game. I’m not so worried about the how the Colorado State Rams this week.  What I’m worried about is where I can watch the game. The Ducks game started at 3 PM local so no sports bar will be showing our boys and Mrs. Diggity and I don’t have cable.  I’ll get it figured out though.


Hey Milwaukee Bucks! Until you actually become competitive, there’s really no reason to “Fear the Deer”. But the unis are kinda cool… Twitter idiot of the week – one of the guys running the Texas Rangers’ account. His tweet, “Fire Charlie. #Bye” concerning University of Texas Football coach Charlie Strong cost him his job. #Dummy… Once again, I was very wrong with my Bronco game prediction. But, in a good way. I said 66-17. The Broncos pull off the shut out, 55-0CBS Sports has Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl against Stanford in their bowl predictions this week. Brett McMurphy says the Vegas Bowl against Arizona State while Mark Schlabach puts the Broncos in the Hawaii Bowl against Houston... Boise State is back in the Coaches poll at number 24. They also jumped back in the AP Poll at 25. Now, to get that win next week at Colorado State… The games I watched this weekend were: Miami/Cincinnati, Memphis/South Florida, UConn/BYU, Texas/TCU, Army/PennState, South Carolina/Missouri, Louisville/NC State, Ohio/Akron, Purdue/Michigan State, Northern Illinois/Central Michigan, Alabama/Georgia, Ohio State/Indiana, San Jose State/Auburn, Washington State/Cal, Ole Miss/Florida, Arkansas/Tennessee, Hawaii/Boise State, & Oregon/Colorado… I think it’s hilarious that James Harden thinks he was the NBA MVP last  year whether he won it or not. Steph Curry won the MVP and his team won the Championship. That kind is cements the award being given to him… Don’t make you workers mad in France. Air France laid off 2900 workers and a bunch of those pink-slipped employees went after their bosses and stripped their shirts off of them in public. Modern day “tarred & feathered”… Nick Saban melting down is always fun to watch. This time, I kind of agree with him. Teams won’t ever play for the media… My score prediction this week is Broncos 60, Rams 20. Let’s see if I’m way off in the right way again.

The song of the week is a bonafide “Diggity Favorite”. Because the POTUS visited Southern Oregon yesterday, enjoy this…

I’m off to find a stream of the game.  Sorry about the short column this week.  Next week will be better. Until then, spread kindness like confetti.

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