BTN Predictions: Wyoming Cowboys


Derek – Is it my fault we lost last week?  I think it might be. We do this blog for fun and not for pay, and sometimes life gets in the way. I have had my mind on other things, and last week I failed to write a predictions post.  By doing so, I feel I have failed Bronco Nation. We all have our game day routines and superstitions, and by skipping the predictions post last week, I skipped one.  This may have started a string of events that eventually resulted in one of the worst, weirdest Boise State games I have ever watched.  For that I apologize, and I promise it will not happen again.  Hopefully, just an aberration.

So what happens this week? Last year we had one of these same “aberration games”and followed it up with a win that felt a lot more dominating than the final score of 51-46.  But that was against Nevada in their “stadium”.  This week we are playing a team that has been called one of the worst in FBS football, but still managed to knock off the Fighting Polian’s last week.  This Boise State team is going to be angry, focused, and ready to destroy anything in its path.  I think we get back to putting up 50 + points, but I also think we let WYO score a few times, especially with Donte Deayon absent.  Boise State 55 WYO 17

Noel – The last time 2 straight losses happened in Bronco-land, it was to Hawaii and East Carolina and it wasn’t in successive weeks. What does that mean? It means that it’s an anomaly and there isn’t a Timmy Chang/Chris Johnson double team thing happening.  There will be blood this week. Blood on the scale of Johnny Depp exploding on to the ceiling in “Nightmare on Elm Street”. I expect quite a bit of McWeapon and this won’t ever be close past the 1st 10 minutes of the game. Broncos 63, Cowboys 10


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