This Week at the Diggity’s – 2015 Episode 11 (The Broncos Re-Awaken)

Did anyone see last week’s debacle coming? No? You’re lying if you predicted 8 turnovers would be our downfall. Heck, Florida State only has one all year so far. I’ll tell you one thing, our fan base hates losing – me included. I don’t feel like that will happen this week against Wyoming. Positive thoughts!


Why are hotels even saying “Free Wifi” in their ads? Shouldn’t that be a given these days? The don’t care for business if they don’t have free wifi… So that was a game that should be quickly forgotten. I know we all have the same investment as fans so I know you all feel the heartache and anger as I do. Props to Utah State for kicking our butts… If you think our loss was bad, how much of a heartbreak was the end of the battle for the Paul Bunyan Trophy? A muffed punt turns into a game-winning touchdown? Poor Wolverines fans. Great win for Sparty… Speaking of the MSU/Michigan game – the punter is a kid that made one mistake in a game of sports. Death threats are the last thing he should get. Check yourself, “fans”. He doesn’t do things to make you happy. It’s for the team and I’m sure he’s dealing with his own demons… I didn’t think that I wanted to watch college football Saturday after the game on Friday but, I did. Here is my viewing: Arkansas State/South Alabama, Auburn/Kentucky, UCLA/Stanford, Cincinnati/BYU, Boise State/Utah State, West Virginia/Baylor, Ole Miss/Memphis, Michigan State/Michigan, Alabama/Texas A&M, Idaho/Troy, Florida/LSU, USC/Notre Dame, Penn State/Ohio State, and Oregon/Washington… This week in Bowl Predictions – Jerry Palm of CBS Sports has Boise State in the New Mexico Bowl against Rice. ESPN’s Brett McMurphy says the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl vs. Western Michigan while Mark Schlabach has the Broncos against Indiana in the Armed Forces BowlWe knew it was going to happen after the meltdown in Logan so the fact that Boise State dropped out of the Coaches Poll isn’t news. They also dropped out of the AP Poll. There’s still chance to get back in the Top 25. The Broncos just need some luck and some winsCongrats to senior setter Sarah Baugh on being named Mountain West Offensive Player of the Week!


In case you didn’t know, the movie I really, really want to see is Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Since Disney owns The Force and the Worldwide Leader, they dropped the newest trailer on Monday Night Football this week. Who was excited?…


As long as we’re talking about movies, the one I DON’T want to see is “Jem & the Holograms”. But I think that just explains it all… Sorry, CBS, I’m not even close to wanting to watch “Supergirl”… No, Kay Jewelers, it is NOT “Engagement Season”. You can’t just manufacture a season. There’s “Duck Season”. There’s “Rabbit Season”. But there is no such thing as “Engagement Season”!

I’m excited for this week. I think it will be the restart of something great. We already have had some luck as far as the Division Race is concerned with the Utah State loss. So the song of the week is rather obvious…

Enjoy the game tonight.  Don’t let last week get you down or sour your football experience for more than that one night. Keep your mind on how great our Broncos have been!  And, as always, spread kindness like confetti!

– The Diggitys

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