BTN Superlatives: New Mexico Lobos


Of course the idea is inspired by Jimmy Fallon…Here are the 2015 New Mexico Football team Superlatives!

2 - Kimmie Carson - LB#2 Kimmie Carson – Most likely to disapprove of his first name

62 - Garrett Adcock - OL#62 Garrett Adcock – Most likely to ask “are you gonna eat that?”

94 - Sam Gentry - P#94 Sam Gentry – Most likely to be from the South

4 - Romell Jordan - RB#4 Romell Jordan – Most likely to be Shane Williams Rhodes

6 - Jhurell Pressley - RB#6 Jhurell Pressley – Most likely to have his name mispronounced by CBS Sports Network

2 - Dameon Gamblin - WR#2 Dameon Gamblin – Most likely to stop in Vegas on his way home

image_handler.aspxCoach Bob Davie – Most likely to use tanning beds

84 - Erik Beilman - TE#84 Erik Beilman – Most likely to be asked to show ID

66 - Tevita Fonua - OL#66 Tevita Fonua – Most likely to visit Justin Taimatuia’s hair dresser

14 - Daniel Henry - DB#14 Daniel Henry – Most likely to own a comb

4 - Isaiah I.B. Brown - DB#4 Isaiah “I.B.” Brown – Most likely to send his cousins after you

Of course this is pure satire and is not meant to offend anyone, except New Mexico fans.

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Thanks for checking it out! Go Broncos!


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