BTN Predictions: New Mexico


Derek – The first of two consecutive weeks of facing the dreaded option teams has arrived, and with them brings nightmares of 80 yard runs and torn knee ligaments to all of Bronco nation. DON’T WORRY WE WILL BE FINE! A lot of fans are pointing to our loss at Air Force and the defensive struggles at New  Mexico to justify their concerns, but the AF debacle was a result of turnovers, and the 17 runs of 80 yards against UNM were mostly up the middle (although it could be argued the fear of the option made those runs possible). Anyways, we reallyy have not had issues with the option.  Sure the Lobos will get their yards, and probably some points, but I think Boise State gets MORE yards and A LOT more points.  Coach Yates will have the D ready, and on offense – well, Brett Rypien.  Not sure we beat the spread of 30.5 but we will win easily.  Boise State 49 UNM 20.

Josh – The bye week couldn’t have come any sooner, and the Bronco D will be ready for the Lobos. Coach Yates probably hasn’t slept all week, and our run defense really has improved this year. DID YOU SEE THEY STOPPED UNLV WHEN THEY RAN THE OPTION! Considering that New Mexico barely puts the ball in the air, our run defense has been pretty lights out, and the game is on the blue…Boise State wins this. It’ll be a battle and by no means an easy win but the Broncos win it. P.S. the Lobos beat the Aggies because of a missed field goal and turnovers- it was a pretty sloppy game. Boise State 41 New Mexico 17.

Jonathan– During last weeks bye New Mexico helped out this Boise State team by beating Utah State. But New Mexico shouldn’t expect Boise State to give any thank you mercy this week. While Boise State’s defense has looked slightly suspect on tape if you look at the numbers they are really good. They have had a week to prepare for the run game that in my opinion they seemed to handle pretty well in Las Vegas. Although New Mexico beat Utah State last week, let’s be honest it was a lot of luck, Boise should have no problem with the Lobos this week. Look for Rypien to have another huge game (and probably still not get MWC player of the week) and for the defense to contribute with some turnovers. Boise State 49  New Mexico 16

Tami – This game is likely to be close. if New Mexico can avoid the “biggest win in program history” emotional drop-off, they’ll come onto The Blue with an infuriating offense, and enough defense to be a problem. Boise State needs to capture momentum and remember that field position is a thing. Like Coach Yates said earlier this week, everyone has to play assignment football on defense and not get out of position in order to prevent big plays. Well, Boise State hasn’t exactly been awesome at that all the time. Also, The Broncos are going to have to continue with the big guns on offense and put up lots of yards and points. Likely, Boise State will win, but by less than 3 scores. Broncos 42 Lobos 32

Noel – I hate the triple option. I don’t like watching it. I didn’t like playing against it when I was in high school. I didn’t like running it in high school. Everyone knows what to do on defense but it still seems to be a mystery when you play against it. That being said, this game won’t be about the Broncos’ defense. It will be about the offense. If Coach Drink is able to call a game that will hit quickly with some deep balls and get the boys ahead on the scoreboard, this game is over by half. That’s what will happen. Boise State 50, New Mexico 26

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