What is a loss?


What is a loss?
A loss can be defined my many different definitions. But according to Merriam-Webster the type of loss that has to do with sports is defined as: “failure to gain, win, obtain, or utilize”.
There is no doubt that this Broncos team has talent, and a lot of it. The defense is at times amazing, the offense is at times spectacular, and we have a top-tier head coach. Boise State has talent on this team, so to say we failed to utilize our talent is a fair assessment. Although Boise State nearly pulled off a miracle play at the end of the game the Broncos lost – they failed to win. We failed in two out of the four definitions of a loss, but the other two are yet to be seen. The Broncos are led by both a young head coach and a young QB. Let’s face it, both of these guys are still getting their feet wet – Rypien more than Harsin –  but both still learning. I believe that both of these guys will gain knowledge from both this game and this season and learn from it. They will obtain experience that will be proven to be very useful the remainder of this season and into the future. Let’s not forget our starting QB is a true freshman, the kid is only 19 years old. So we failed to execute on 2 of the 4 parts of the definition. This game will go in the loss column in the newspaper and online but I hope and believe that these players and coaches will focus on what they won. A loss is forever a loss unless you learn from it.
Let’s face it, this team is fun to watch, whether it’s Rypien to Sperbeck or McNichols taking off for the end zone or even the defense returning one to the house it’s fun. It has been a while since I saw my Twitter feed light up with excitement over a team. Last night was a tough one but this team will be ok. Boise can still win its division if they win out and New Mexico suffers another loss. We will win out and we will beat San Diego for the MW championship.

Like one of Coach Harsin’s favorite quotes says:
“One moment does not define you the journey does.” -Pete Carroll

This loss does not define our team or our season. It will help us be better players, coaches and fans. I strongly believe that this team will be just fine. Go Broncos and Bleed Blue!!

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