BTN Fan of the Week-Paul Venter


    The next time you are headed to a game or waiting for that horrible 8:00 pm start time remember this name: Paul Venter.
When you are sitting down on Saturday night after a good dinner and ready to catch the game Paul is waking up at 4:00am Sunday morning to catch that same game. BTNs first fan of the week comes to us all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa. Paul and his girlfriend have been avid Bronco fans for the last three years. Although he has not yet seen the Blue turf in person it was one of the things that attracted him to the Broncos. When asked what attracted him to become a Bronco fan he replied “The blue field and awesome team and the crazy passionate fans” So even people 10,000 miles away know we are crazy. But like many of us, Paul gets made fun of when wearing his bronco “swag”. Not because his friends and family are Vandal fans, or Oregon fan or even fans of some other college team but because they don’t even know who Boise State is. How sad would it be to live in a country where 99.99% of people don’t even know who The Boise State Broncos are? (I guess we know where the voters for MWC player of the week live!)
Paul has plans written in his calendar for a trip to Boise in 2016 to visit the famous blue turf. Although his favorite player Jay Ajayi is gone Thomas Sperbeck – who Paul likes watching – should still be making those crazy catches on the blue. Although Paul missed the Kellen Moore era at BSU this current Brett Rypien era should be almost as exciting. On behalf of BTN and Boise fans everywhere I want to welcome Paul to Bronco nation. Welcome to the family Paul!!
I hope you all take the time to follow Paul on Twitter @VenterPaul

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