The Horned Frogs took down the Broncos by one point Saturday at Bronco Stadium. (Cody FInney/ The Arbiter)

Win or Lose – Bleed Blue

The Horned Frogs took down the Broncos by one point Saturday at Bronco Stadium. (Cody FInney/ The Arbiter)

Surrender Cobras are rare in these parts


Boise State sits here today at a 7-4 record after a devastating lost Friday night on The Blue on senior night. Some fans don’t know how to react (and some former players too, right Bertoli?) and other brush it off as a bad year with a true freshman QB. We have to think back to find a season as bad as this, way back to 2013. Wait 2013? Yep that’s right in 2013 Chris Petersen lead the Broncos to a 8-4 record and then he left us for dead in our bowl game for a final record of 8-5 on the season. Yes folks Chris Petersen had a bad year. And for the bring back Prince talk? He was leading our offense that year.

Let’s face it we all like winning.  In fact, we have gotten use to winning. We have Kellen Moore to thank for that. Three losses in his entire career and we have four this year. Young Rypien has already had as many losses this season as Moore had his entire career. Sure Brett could go undefeated the rest of his career and finish with only three losses, it’s possible. Or there is this to consider – Brett Rypien is not Kellen Moore. I know that’s a scary thought to some. Brett Rypien is Brett Rypien. Coach Harsin is not Coach Pete. This team is not the 50-3 senior class.

This team needs Bronco Nation’s support. This team needs to see us support them. They need to see a fan base behind them and not a bandwagon. I woke up this morning to find so many people tweeting “bleed blue”. I loved that. Winning did not lead me to this team. It was the blue-collar attitude that the players and fan base had. It was the family atmosphere that I felt when engaging with fans. It was going to a game in San Jose and seeing more Bronco fans than I did San Jose fans. It was turning to a stranger and getting a high-five after a Bronco touchdown. Watching Kellen Moore knife through the defense was an added bonus. Watching Doug Martin run back an opening kick off for a TD was a bonus. Watching Jay Ajayi’s Statue of Liberty in the Fiesta Bowl was a bonus. And seeing Brett Rypien play has been a bonus. Let’s face it this kid will be good. He is not Kellen Moore and no one will ever be. But he needs us just like we need him. This team has two games left and can finish a respectable 9-4. Let’s stand behind them and support our boys.

I don’t know about you but win or lose I bleed blue.

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