BTN Fan of the Week: Ryan Gilley


  What’s in a game-day tradition or a special game-day item? Everything. While some fans wear the same socks every week and others eat spaghetti every week, game-day traditions are sacred. And while Boise State runs out on to the field with their hammer, our fan of the week Ryan Gilley enjoys his games with his Boise State fire helmet.
Ryan is a fire department dispatcher, who has been involved some kind fire safety work since he was a kid. But after becoming a Bronco fan five years ago he decided to mix his two passions. Before 2010 Ryan was an Alabama fan (very disturbing I know) but one trip to Glendale Arizona changed that. Ryan was invited to attend the 2010 Fiesta Bowl by a friend who was a Bronco fan, and that trip changed his fandom. After seeing Bronco Nation supporting the team in masses he was convinced, he needed to be a part of this family. Then after watching the Broncos take out TCU he was even more convinced.
Since that first game in Arizona, Ryan has been to watch his team on the blue, on the road and even to different bowl games. While he has taken trips to see them play in San Jose, San Diego, Reno and even Las Vegas multiple times nothing comes close to seeing his boys play on the blue turf in Boise. “It is an awesome field and allows BSU to stand out” he says about the stadium.
But like every other Bronco fan he gets his share of grief from friends and coworkers. Living in Southern California the majority of these people around him are avid UCLA and USC fans. If any of you have been to SoCal you know that these fans are the worse. But the Broncos just keep winning and those Southern California doing the opposite all he has to do is bring up their records or latest game scores to shut them up.
I would like to welcome our latest fan of the week Ryan Gilley to our Bronco Nation family. Head over to Twitter and give him a follow @SoCalRyan289. Wether it’s law enforcement news, or fire updates, or his opinion on the latest Bronco news, he will have it all there.

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