BTN Predictions: San Jose State

Predictions-LogoDerek – That bad, rumbling feeling I have in my stomach is either from gorging myself with Turkey or the feeling Boise State football has given me from the past two weeks.  Either way, a little afternoon football on the couch should solve the problem.  Everything about this game should play into the Broncos hands:  San José’s horrible rush defense, a pro-style offense that our D is great at stopping, a short week (and long travel to and from Hawaii) for the Spartans, oh and it’s not on The Blue™ (ouch). I think this will be a bounce-back game for our team, and if they are not motivated after the past two weeks, then they never will be.  Broncos win big.  Boise State 47 San Jose 17

Noel – I missed last week but I’m pretty sure I would have picked the Broncos. This week, I’m also going to pick the Broncos. I think this is an “easier” game for the defense because there isn’t assignment football going on. I think the D makes a stand. Hopefully, Brett will have a stellar game, the McWeapon will go off, and Sperbeck gets a record or two. We’ll go with Boise State 52 San Jose State 20

Tami – Going with my gut here – this is going to be closer than anybody thinks. The Broncos have had this way of playing to their opponent that has been infuriating, and just like defending the triple option poorly, the reason behind it seems to be made of magic and riddles. The Broncos are still a target, and everybody wants their shot. However, Boise State is still going to Boise State and the speed gap alone should be enough to win comfortably. Broncos – 42 Spartans  28

Josh – I had a bad feeling about last week’s game so for the first time I predicted a loss, sadly to come true. Not this week. Boise is more than overdue for their comeback game and I feel good it will be their last regular season game against San José State. They have the #1 pass defense in the NCAA so McNichols will have to carry a big load of the offense. Defense will try to limit big plays against the #3 passing offense in the MW but of course we will still see 1-2 explosive plays – I really hope they fix this in the off-season. Broncos get the win to finish their season and get momentum going into their bowl game. Late scores by Boise skew the score. Let’s pray and hope they aren’t actually going to use the triple option, at least not effectively. Boise State 41 SJSU 17

Jonathan- There is no way Boise loses 3 straight….right? If you would have asked me about this game before the season I would have put Boise 40-50 points over San José. But after seeing what this season had in store for us I’m not so sure. Our boys still have a lot to play for, we may not be headed to the Fiesta Bowl or a championship game but there is still pride. I think the Broncos need to go into this game and find themselves, they need to dig deep and play for pride. There is a reason every one of these guys picked Boise State instead of other schools offers. Whether it was Boise’s winning atmosphere or the blue-collar attitude of the players and community, they need to play for that. There is no doubt that this team is really good, there is loads of talent on both sides of the ball.
I believe the Broncos will figure it out. I think the offense will start clicking this week and carry it into the bowl game and onto next season. San José will put up a good fight as they are looking to head to a bowl game with a win but the Broncos will edge them out. To much McNichols for San Jose to handle. (Still this bad feeling in my gut though)
Boise State 31 San Jose 20

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