This Week at the Diggity’s – 2015 Episode 13 (Lucky Number/Black Friday)

There haven’t been too many must win games over the past 15 years for Bronco Nation but I dare say that this is one of them. The Broncos are already bowl eligible and have clinched a winning season so that’s not a big deal. The thing is, the kids need some confidence back. It’s been forever since the team has lost back-to-back home games so it’s disheartening. And, Bronco Nation is getting a bit Bravo Sierra Charlie (hit me up on Twitter if you don’t know what that means) about it too. It’s an uncharacteristic year. I guess that’s the base of it.

UniCombo1127In case you haven’t noticed, or if you even cared, I haven’t done a “This Week at the Diggity’s” in a few weeks. Not that I haven’t wanted to. Just been a bit busy. I also put myself in Twitter timeout after the loss to New Mexico. I don’t really want to get into why, though… I don’t think I’ve ever been so frustrated with a Boise State team. They have such great potential and they showed it earlier in the season. Now, the team seems so undisciplined with no real urgency to get better. I turned off the gameCongratulations to Allie Ostrander for finishing 2nd at the NCAA Cross Country Championships. She is only a freshman! Bronco Nation is proud of you!


Jason Hatcher of the Washington Redskins thinks that his team is being shafted by the referees because of the team name. Umm…maybe play defense and your team wouldn’t suck? That’s what I would try instead of blaming other factors… The joke of the week came at the Broncos’ expense. San Jose State Head Coach Ron Caragaher said about this week’s game: “We’re putting in the triple option for Friday.” That’s a Rob Akey-like one-liner. It’s ok, Bronco Nation, our defense has been a joke over the past couple of weeks… This week in bowl predictions: the ESPN guys Mark Schlabach and Brett McMurphy have the Broncos in the Poinsettia Bowl against Western Michigan and the Potato Bowl versus Akron, respectively. CBS Sports’ Jerry Palm echoes the Western Michigan tilt in the Poinsettia BowlCongrats to the Broncos for picking up a verbal from Cedrick Wilson, Jr. He’s a JUCO wide receiver out of Coffeyville Community College in Coffeyville, Kansas… Poor Blaine Gabbert. Not only does he have to be the 49ers quarterback but no one comes to his press conferences. In his defense, the team didn’t have him on the media schedule so no one showed up. But, it did look rather sad… The games I watched this week were: East Carolina/UCF, Lousiana-Monroe/Texas State, Air Force/Boise State, Michigan/Penn State, Georgia Tech/Miami, North Carolina/Virginia Tech, USC/Oregon, LSU/Ole Miss, UCLA/Utah, Michigan State/Ohio State, Mississippi State/Arkansas, Baylor/Oklahoma State, TCU/Oklahoma, Cal/Stanford, and Colorado/Washington State… I’m sorry, NBC, but there’s no part of me that wants to watch “The Wiz”.  Don’t be mad though. I didn’t watch “The Sound of Music” either.

We need something to uplift Bronco Nation for the song of the week. I think this will do!

I know it’s been a tough one, Bronco Nation, but we are a strong bunch. Keep the faith and don’t hop off the bandwagon yet. Coach Harsin is going to continue the greatness at Boise State. We hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving. From the full Diggity family, have a wonderful holiday season! And, as always, remember to spread kindness like confetti. – The Diggitys

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