BTN Superlatives: Northern Illinois

For all the Boise State fans who aren’t familiar with the Northern Illinois Huskies that the Broncos face in tomorrow’s Poinsettia Bowl (their first ever meeting) – here are some of the award winners of the BTN’s Superlatives.


Aidan Conlon - lumberjack





#61 Aidan Conlon – Most likely to double as a lumberjack

Anthony Brooks





#31 Anthony Brooks – Most likely contemplating solutions to life’s biggest problems

Cameron Clinton-Earl





#54 Cameron Clinton-Earl – Most likely to be featured in the sequel to the movie “Bucket List”

Chad Beebe





#82 Chad Beebe – Most likely to be asked for ID at the movie theater


Clayton Glasper - Pettis





#81 Clayton Glasper – Hopefully his playing ability is nothing like his doppelganger ability to Austin Pettis

Juwan Brescacin





#11 Juwan Brescacin – Least likely to say “My name is Juwan Brescacin too!”

Maalik Todd

#40 Maalik Todd – Most likely to be confused for a junior high student

Ryan Graham





#17 Ryan Graham – Most likely to own SPF 70 sunscreen

Robert Kraklow





#67 Robert Kraklow – Previously tried out for a role in the hit film “Braveheart”

Marquis Howard-DJ Brown - Troll









#18 DJ Brown & #43 Marquis Howard – Most likely to have stolen hairstyle from 1990’s troll doll

Ryan Roberts - Shaq n Drake




#98 Ryan Roberts – Love child of Shaq & Drake

Tommy Fiedler





#16 Tommy Fiedler – Tried out for the role of “sunshine” in Remember The Titans

Will Daniels - Jake Gyllenhaal






#41 Will Daniels – Most likely to be Jake Gyllenhaal with his head shaved


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