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We have all heard what great moments and memories that us Boise State faithful have had but what about others? How do fans of other teams feel about the Broncos? Are we hated? Liked? Do people even know who the Boise State Broncos are?

My first interview in this series was with Chris Warner. Chris is an actor, author, and  inspirational speaker. He has been in many movies and TV shows some of which include Sin City, No Country for Old Men, Harold and Kumar, Justified and NCIS: Los Angeles. He also had the joy/burden (lol) of playing football in the great state of Texas for seven years from Pop Warner all the way through high school. We all know that when it comes to football Texas is king. Mr Warner is also a huge Texas Longhorn fan as well as a proud Texas alumni and a complete fan of the sport itself.
Perception is almost everything when it comes to college sports. Kids have to have a good perception of a school in order to want to play there and fans have to believe in the school to live and die for that school. When I asked Chris of his perception about Boise State football he replied “I feel like they are a very solid football program overall, with EXCEPTIONAL offensive prowess” He went on to bring up what everyone says about our great program, with the location and climate of Boise, ID he is amazed at the talent that BSU brings in year after year after year. The talent rolls into Boise like it were a “Power Five” program. And his thoughts about the Famous Blue Turf??  He believes that from a marketing standpoint it was an extremely genius idea but from a viewer point of view not so much. “For me, the players get “lost” in the color of the field, no matter what color uniforms they are wearing, which makes it difficult to keep track of the game.”  Chris went on to say that he has no idea why other fans would have hate for the Broncos they way they do but did note “Not matter who you are, people always talk shit when you are at the top.”

I would like to thank Mr Warner for taking the time out of his busy schedule to get together with me to answer some questions and participate in this article with me. He also has a book coming out in March “Live Bully Proof” This book is a must buy. We have spoken a little bit about bullying in the past and he has some great points of view on the issue. Check him out on Twitter at @WarnerInc

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