Former Recruits and Coaches Deserve More Respect

I usually write very light articles with some laughter and fun in them. But in the last week somethings I have read on Twitter really irked me. We had a commit that for what ever reason left Boise for another school. Whether it was a coaching vacancy, a possible lack of playing time, or he liked the weather better in the other city it doesn’t matter. No 18-year-old should ever have to listen to multiple 30 something year-old fans talking crap or putting him down. These are 17/18 year old kids who are making a huge decision that may impact the rest of their lives. I don’t know about everyone else but it usually takes my wife and I an hour to decide where to go on date night or even what to eat for dinner. I couldn’t even imagine what goes through these kids heads in choosing a college to attend. To make a decision on where they will spend their next four years, where they will live, where they will study, where they will play and most importantly where they will grow as adults. Most of these kids will be away from their parents for an extended for the first time. Grown adults should never belittle, humiliate or make any child feel bad for a decision. These “adults” are the same people who at 18 only decision was what high school prank to pull off. These type of people are absolutely disgusting. They will be the reason why the NCAA may in the future put stronger regulations about the recruiting process. They may feel like not allowing the athletes to commit early would save them from the unnecessary scrutiny that comes with verbal commits. I know we all see this happen ever year on our timelines and it is absolutely sickening to those of us that are grown mature people.

Same goes with coaches that move on. Most coaches have a family that need to support. They do what is in the best interest for both them and their family. Sure it’s not all about money but let’s face it money is what makes the world go around. There is no need to criticize or talk crap to the coaches that leave. I’m sure a lot of people would leave their job for one that pays a lot more money.
Be proud of the organization that you support, and support them no matter what but most of all support the human behind that prospective play or coach. They are not just someone who we watch on game days, they are a human also. So let’s all act like adults and treat these kids/coaches with respect.

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  1. On the other hand, the coaches spend a lot of time and money trying to get kids to stick to their commitment and then they just switch at that last bit. What about those that contributed hard earned dollars so that the team can pull in these recruits, how are we supposed to feel about this? Just feel okay when they drop out at the last minute?

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