Boise State Players and their Celebrity look-Alikes

BlueTurfNation readers, after much work and time scrolling through google…here are some of the Boise State football players and their celebrity look-alikes. Go Broncos!

Will Adams – Adam Conover

Will Adams 2
From the TruTV show “Adam Ruins Everything”. Haven’t seen it? Neither have I

Kellen Buhr – Ryan Hurst
Kellen Buhr
Hit star from the movie “Remember the Titans”, Ryan that is not Kellen Buhr

Jordan Happle – Gary Dourdan
Jordan Happle
side note: Jordan Happle hasn’t declared his major, maybe criminal justice would be a good field?

Austin Cottrell – Odell Beckham Jr
Austin Cottrell
I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind an OBJ on the roster with Rypien at the helm

Mason Hampton – Willie Robertson
Mason Hampton
Mason Hampton with more facial hair = The Duck Dyntasy star

Elliot Hoyte – The Rock
Eliot Hoyte
With a British accent of course, mate

Chanceller James – Chris Rock
Chanceller James
I would watch stand-up by Chanceller James

Jake Knight – Mel Gibson
Jake Knight
Jake Knight could be a younger version of the Patriot, Braveheart, Lethal Weapon actor

David McKinzie – Martin Lawrence
David McKinzie
Martin Lawrence’s biggest movie role was in Bad Boys

Jeremy McNichols – Will I Am
Jeremy McNichols
Or was it Jeremy McNichols who played in the black eyed peas? Could have fooled me

Kam Miles – Kevin Hart
Kam Miles
This one has to be my favorite celebrity look-alike

Jonathan Moxey – Jamie Foxx
Jonathan Moxey
Moxey won’t mind this celebrity look-alike, as Jamie Foxx is a boss

Gabe Perez – David Krumholtz
Gabe Perez
Other look-alikes candidates include: Captain Jack Sparrow, Hook…

De’andre Pierce – Robert Ri’chard
DeAndre Pierce
Actor known for Cousin Skeeter and Coach Carter sure looks strikingly like our freshman DB

Taylor Pope – Jake Gyllenhaal
Taylor Pope
Could easily be Gyllenhaal’s stunt double if football doesn’t work out

Jake Roh – Taylor Lautner
Jake Roh
The ladies love them some Jake Roh

Kayode Rufai – The Weeknd
Kayode Rufai
Because no one knows the artist The Weekend by his real name, Abęl Makkonen Tesfaye

Brett Rypien – Jesse Eisenberg
Brett Rypien
Rypien is the perfect candidate if they ever need someone else to play Mark Zuckerberg in a facebook movie…Or Lex Luthor

Skyler Seibold – Clay Matthews
Skyler Seibold
Seibold is Clay Matthews minus 60 pounds

Derriyon Shaw – Eddie Murphy
Derriyon Shaw
They both share the same smile

Thomas Sperbeck – Wentworth Miller
Thomas Sperbeck
Prison Break 2: Sperbeck escaping prison with his flytrap hands

Tommy Stuart – Stephen Amell
Thomas Stuart
The backup QB looks like the actor from the Flash and Arrow

Ma’a Tanuvasa – John Cho
Ma'a Tanuvasa
Lieutenant Tanuvasa of the USS Enterprise has a good ring to it, Ma’a and Kumar go to White Castle not so much…

Solo Taylor – Theo James
Solo Taylor
This BSU freshman would probably also be a part of the Dauntless faction (the brave) if he were in the Divergent movie

Evan Tyler – Cuba Gooding Jr
Evan Tyler
Everyone should know who Cuba Gooding Jr is…

Tanner Vallejo – Adam Sandler
Tanner Vallejo
The defensive star looks very much like the famous actor/comedian

Joel Velazquez – Miles Teller
Joel Velazquez
But can the actor from War Dogs kick 40 yard field goals?

Sean Wale – Paul Walker
Sean Wale

Jabari Watson – Forest Whitaker
Jabari Watson
Jabari’s look-alike was the star actor in “The Butler” and will also play a role in the new Star Wars flick
side note: As far as I know, Jabari does NOT have a lazy eye

Ben Weaver – Ben Affleck
Ben Weaver
Will play in Batman vs Superman 2 with Brett Rypien as Lex Luthor

Cedrick Wilson – Don Cheadle
Cedrick Wilson
The future star on offense’s look-alike is War Machine from the Avengers/Iron Man

Damion Wright – Will Smith
Damion Wright
Damion would co-star in a Bad Boys remake with David McKinzie

Mario Yakoo – Vin Diesel (w/ beard)
Mario Yakoo
Other lookalikes: Bruce Willis, Jason Statham…ok every actor that has a slight receding hairline (bald)

Bonus: Coaches

Coach Harsin – Simon Baker
Coach Harsin

Coach Ambrose – Denzel Washington
Coach Ambrose

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