Final Thoughts Before the Season Begins

Image Courtesy: Associated Press
Image Courtesy: Associated Press

So much has been published, and written, that it seems like at this point not a lot of new information, or insight can be thrown out there. We have had a long off-season, one filled with the norm – speculation on positions, new coach hires, even some good ol’ expansion talk. But now the season is upon us and I am left with a few final thoughts as we get ready to embark on another journey on The Blue.

  • I made a bold, if not kind of insane prediction on Twitter awhile back. I said that Jeremy McNichols would break Brock Forsey’s TD record for a season this year. Now, I said it with a little bit of admitted snark, but now I am not so sure. I don’t love our depth at RB, and we have somewhat of an unknown behind Sperbeck at WR. The more I look at it, I actually start to believe that McNichols might actually be able to attack 33 total trips to the end zone this year.
  • Brett Rypien has all the tools, all the hype, the pedigree, yada yada yada. So anyways, I went back and watched some games just to refresh myself before I hit the keyboard. Though he has all those tools, I still worry he holds onto the ball too long. I am not saying for one second he won’t be the or isn’t already the next great QB to play at Boise State. I do however think it is something to see how much he has improved from year 1 to year 2.
  • I am curious to see where this team ends up. I just don’t want anymore letdowns, I don’t want to beat Wazzu, then lose to San Jose. In fact, my hopes for this team have changed. I would be much happier if we lost to Wazzu, and won a MWC title than if we beat Washington State and don’t hoist that MWC trophy. I want a conference title, the out of conference match ups are just for fun at this point.
  • Speaking of Washington State, can you imagine if Boise State actually loses that game? Not from the standpoint of just losing to them, that is completely plausible with our concerns on defense. But the ramifications for the mystique of The Blue. 3 straight loses at home going back to last year would be devastating to the perception of what coming to Boise means for away opponents.
  • Lastly, I am going to throw out my season prediction on here. I have gone back and forth on what I think will happen this season. It really comes down to is our offense as good as we hope it can be? If Rypien is better, and Sperbeck, MicNichols, and maybe Anderson all play great we could make a run at the New Years 6. However, I feel like we are one injury away from having some problems and this defense will have growing pains. I am going to say Boise State this year goes 10-3. As for which bowl, who knows? But I do think this is going to be a down year for “Group of 5” teams so we shall see.

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