Rapid Reaction – Obvious/Not So Obvious Observations

Image Courtesy: Fox Sports
Image Courtesy: Fox Sports

Game over, Broncos win, time for the Wazzu! But before we move on, and start talking about the challenge ahead. Here are some observations that are pretty obvious, and maybe some that are not so obvious.

  • It was nice to see Harsin calling plays again. You could see the style that made him so popular when he left Boise State for Texas. A lot of different groups, shifts, tempos, and most importantly, a great rhythm and fluidity to the plays being ran.
  • Chaz Anderson is going to have chances to make huge plays in this offense. Easy to forget with Wilson and Sperbeck balling out is the fact that Anderson is a real deep threat. If Wilson can keep up what he started, and Sperbeck is himself, Anderson will get a lot of 1 on 1 chances on the go route. It could be a lot of fun to watch this season.
  • I had a great flashback today watching Boise State vs ULL. That flashback was watching the defense, and I saw the same mentality that the Broncos had when we destroyed the Ducks on The Blue. We are often defined by our physicality in the trenches, but if an outsider asked me what has made Boise State’s defense great in the past, I would say they fly to the ball as a team. Gang tacking like a pride of lions on a zebra. Watch the games vs Oregon, VT, etc… And you always see that moment when a group of Broncos are dropping a tough  runner in space. I saw moments of this today and if this is indeed the DNA of this defense, it could be a great season.
  • I could do without ESPN 3 being the place to watch a game in the future.
  • Those announcers either had a completely different roster card for BSU, or are just flat horrible at pronouncing names.
  • We have a lot of fun talent at TE. I don’t think I need to elaborate here. Just a lot of good dudes playing that position right now.
  • (Sarcasm) I can’t believe this team survived the humidity and heat.
  • Sperbeck is pretty good at throwing touchdowns.
  • Rypien is good.
  • McNichols is good.
  • There is only 1 Boise State, so please stop the narrative about the next “Boise State”. We are right here, and since the Power 5 won’t have us, we won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. This little engine is gonna keep doing what we do.

Alright time for Washington State. Go Broncos!

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