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Attack The Bye Week

The Broncos are 2-0, and this bye is an opportunity for the team to catch their breath between Pac12 opponents, watch some tape, and work on some of the weaker points that will need shored up before playing 10 weeks in a row, starting in a couple weeks in a rare afternoon game at Oregon State.

Well. That sounds ominous.

Since a two game statistical analysis seems a bit ridiculous, and the high of listening to Mike Leach make an ass of himself hasn’t worn off yet, (seriously, listen to this guy,) this week’s ATO is going to be a little different.

Maybe it will be fun to do a completely off the cuff guess about what our Mountain West friends might be up to in their games this weekend. Conference before competition, right? Granted, I’m way too apathetic about MWC football to do actual research, so these picks are worth less than the pixels rendering them.



Arkansas State @ Utah State – Those guys don’t seem to like Mountain West teams much, but also guessing the Aggies aren’t going to have much of an issue dispatching the Red Wolves in Logan.


New Mexico @ Rutgers – LOLZ. New Mexico is probably going to embarrass the hell outta Rutgers if they get their shit together. I have a new respect for that team, and absolutely none for the dregs of the Big 10. Bob Davie believes!

Fresno State @ Toledo – Fresno is going to lose to Toledo, just because they can’t not choke OOC. Thanks, Fresnah.

UNLV @ Central Michigan – UCLA almost got surprised by UNLV,  but even if the Rebs somehow develop killer instinct in a week, they’re going to have to deal with a Central Michigan team that beat Okie State on a blown call….but one with a ballsy and cutthroat play call and great execution. Sorry UNLV, You’re probably going to lose.

San Diego State @ Northern Illinois – SDSU is looking pretty good, and NIU is not. Pumphrey should rack up a couple hundred yards and leave the Huskies in his dust. An interesting comparison when it’s over will be to look at their performance vs. Boise’s in the bowl last season to get some idea of how a MWC champ game might go.

UC Davis @ Wyoming – The Cowboys want another win, and UC Davis shouldn’t have enough speed to keep them from it. Wyoming feels like they’ve turned a corner this season, and are pretty fun to watch. They hung with Nebraska last weekend any longer than they had a right to, and while UC Davis did put 28 points up against Oregon, Wyoming should be able to put them away.

Northern Colorado @ Colorado State – Why doesnt CSU play Colorado School of Mines? I would much rather watch that game. CSU better freaking win this.

Buffalo @ Nevada – The Wolf Pack can’t be trusted to do things like win against a decent opponent but this time I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Utah @ San José State – SJSU, despite having the preseason MWC best quarterback, is going to be lucky to get on the board versus Utah’s defense. Luckily, Utah turns the ball over enough to make it worth at least two scores probably. It just won’t be enough to beat the Utes.

Hawai’i @ Arizona – Hawaii is fun again. Rolo has them winning a game here and there, and seems to be a good influence introducing levity and pride back in a program that needed an injection of both almost as much as they need cash. Arizona is sketch AF, and Hawaii seems to have caught up on sleep , so if the Warriors can withstand the inevitable Arizona comeback, they could get out of Tuscon with a win.

Cynical? Probably. Realistic? Yup, I like to think so. Enjoy one of the best weekends of the fall, Bronco Nation. Go outside, get some sun, because if this season keeps going on with the winning, we’re not likely to see the outside world again on a weekend until December. Sure, not playing for a week is going to drop Boise in the rankings even further, but its much better to have that going on early in the year than late. Try and forget, and enjoy the last weekend of stress-free football in quite some time.



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