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Attack The Opponent: Oregon State Beavers

Oregon State is like Washington State in that they have no excuse not to be a better football team. They’ve hit the P5 lottery, are a solid university providing excellent educations in one of the most beautiful places on earth…and squander it on acting like Trump-toned rainforest Vandals by playing crap football and partying away their braincells.
Just look at this place. Little would you know that what lies below in the city is a bewildering mishmash of western Oregon hipsterdom and educated redneckery. The pizza and beer are pretty good tho.
The 2016 version of the Beavers resemble the nerve-wracking, yet mostly harmless Utah State teams of past, and that is not a coincidence. With former Aggie’s HC Gary Anderson at the helm for his second season, and greasy state of Utah fingerprints all over the coaching staff, is it any wonder that this team is lacking consistency? They put a scare in Minnesota in week one in an entertaining late night game, but couldn’t finish. Last week the Beavers did beat Idaho State handily, but they looked anything but solid in that game. Against an average FCS team, they were only able to put down 6.0 yards per carry and complete 50% of passes. They were highly penalized, and half of it was stupid crap like celebration penalties and getting in scuffles at the line. The OL is porous, but OSU does have big play capability if defenses break down.

High level concepts in Corvallis.
High level concepts in Corvallis.
Nobody quite knows what Oregon State has on defense. They looked capable against the run and the pass vs. the Golden Gophers, but that’s the least dynamic offense this side of Rutgers. Idaho State opened up on them in comparison, and the Bengals are not exactly North Dakota State. One thing we can be sure of – the tattoo on Gary Anderson’s shoulder is a Utah State logo, and that means he understands preparing for the Broncos better than most.

Guessing that tattoo is loosely based on this design, maybe with more barbed wire. We are talking about a man who chose to leave Logan for Corvallis in hopes of an improvement in circumstances.
Guessing that tattoo is loosely based on this design, maybe with more barbed wire. We are talking about a man who chose to leave Logan and then Madison for Corvallis in hopes of an improvement in circumstances.
Its not all sunshine and puppies for Boise State. Sure, Vegas has the Beavers as a 14 point dog at home, and there is nothing in the paperwork that makes it seem as if the Broncos are walking in to anything they can’t handle. Oregon State had a 100+ yd kickoff return last week, so being on point on special teams is going to be important. Rypien can’t turn the ball over, and frankly if Boise State doesn’t get back to perfection when managing the clock. the freak out is going to be real within Bronco Nation. With WSU coming back hard, Ryp kept snapping with 7-10 seconds left on the play clock during a time when using up some time would’ve given the Broncos a little bit of breathing room. Boise’s recent history of coming off the bye with lethargy isn’t encouraging either, especially because this is a rare day game. BSU needs to be well rested and well prepared, because the Beavers might be on their way to better than anyone gives them credit for. They’ve improved each game, notched a victory, and aren’t to be taken lightly, just as any other opponent shouldn’t be. Expect them to empty the playbook at the Bronco’s defense. It shouldn’t matter much, but it only takes not stopping a few big plays and then giving up a few turnovers for everything to go to hell.

Pessimism aside, it’s going to be very nice to head to Reser Stadium this weekend and avenge the shitshow in Hawaii from 2013. The Beavers ruined Christmas and that requires payback. They aren’t the best of the Pac – they aren’t even the best of the bottom half of the P12 North. Pretty sure WSU and Oregon are going to whip them in conference play. Gary Anderson and Kalani Sitake just haven’t built enough of their system in at OSU yet for them to put it all together in time to beat Boise. So, yay! Most likely taking out both P12 foes during the regular season! But at the same time, boo, because they both are bottom-feeders and it’s not going to help SOS enough to get Boise past Houston at the end of the season if both are undefeated, ranked SDSU in the MWC champ game or no. Oregon State is destined for a season of mediocrity at best, and Boise State’s firepower and defense are going to be too much for them to handle this Saturday at 1:30p MT, on FS1 . The Beavers and the Broncos have history, and this will end up another notch in Boise’s P5 victory bedpost.

No such thing, Mrs. Cleaver. No such thing.
No such thing, Mrs. Cleaver. No such thing.

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