Rapid Reaction – Obvious/Not So Obvious Observations

Courtesy: BuildingTheDam.com
Courtesy: BuildingTheDam.com

First off, I want to sit back and think of the world we are living in and focus on how far we have come. I don’t care if Washington State and Oregon State are not “great” Power 5 schools. 15 years ago the thought of beating two Pac-10, now Pac-12 schools in a single season would have been absurd. Boise State just did that, embrace that feeling and realize how far this program has come. Now time for observations.

  • Rypien seems different, not necessarily bad, just learning and different. Perhaps changes to the offense, or adapting to new players around him is the reason? But he looks, at least to me, just different the last couple games.
  • McNichols might be better than we thought, think about that, he might be BETTER than we thought.
  • Sperbeck is not getting the credit he deserves, and he gets a lot of credit. He is special and deserves to be looked at as maybe the best WR to ever play at Boise State. At the end of this season, if he stays healthy, that conversation and debate will be had a lot.
  • This defense is fun to watch, not flashy just solid all around with the potential of some big, future stars peaking out here and there. Some fans have been calling for a throwback to the old “blue collar” mentality. I think Avalos has brought just that.
  • Speaking of potential stars, Jabril Frazier is going to be the next pass rusher to be drafted into the NFL. He has a ton of talent and he is showing it each week.
  • Bryan Harsin in the first half was calling a masterful game. He was playing Chess, Oregon State, Checkers.
  • I don’t like the 2nd half.
  • Either does Boise State.
  • I am not ready to scream undefeated, I am not even ready to scream MWC title. The media will say that we should win the rest of our games. I say, enjoy the season, enjoy football, and just see what happens.
  • Alexander Mattison is going to be fun to watch for a long time.
  • Jump balls suck.


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