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Attack The Opponent: Utah State Aggies

Look, Utah State. Sorry about your best running back and safety getting hurt against Air Force last week. Boise is gonna be down a linebacker and a safety it sounds like, so it’s not like you’re the only team looking at going in to next weekend a bit banged up. It is totally likely, though, that you will be the only team coming out of next weekend having taken a beatdown. Something tells me Brett Rypien and the OL is going to hold a bit of a grudge, and its not like y’all can stop the run so Jeremy McNichols will probably lose his mind on you this weekend too.

The natives seem a bit restless in Logan. They wanted winning,  and instead  are going into Boise 2-2 and wondering if they’ll be back on The Blue in December for a bowl game against a middling MAC opponent or not. Watching Air Force run away from them in the second half due to poor offensive line play and turnovers had to hurt something fierce.

No. We wouldn’t know at all what it feels like to lose horribly for dubious reasons to an opponent who it’s not normal to lose to. Not at all.
The Broncos have some questions left to answer, such as “can you guys kick ass for four entire quarters or?” and “just what kind of special are we talking when we say special teams?” but they are 3-0 with two wins vs. (craptastic) Pac12 teams and are an extremely explosive group with a lot of potential. Sure, they make mistakes and need to keep getting better. Hopefully Tanner Vallejo’s injury is relatively minor and he’ll be back suited up sooner rather than later. That’s a big set of cleats to fill – and about 5 tackles per game to make up. McWeapon looks for all the world like a mini-Beastmode out there these days. He’s just running over dudes. I mean, c’mon. This guy. As a certain Mr. Ajayi explained on Twitter on Saturday, the man is a Problem and nationally, folks are sleeping on him hard.

The Aggies have a lot more questions to answer, outside of how many hundreds of yards Jeremy McNichols is going to put on them. They aren’t particularly great on the ground, especially down their starting RB, but Kent Meyers can put up some yardage through the air. Without some #MWCAfterDark intervention in the form of booting Weston Steelhammer on a questionable targeting call for AFA, however, that loss could’ve been even uglier. Hanging with AFA until the end and only going down by 7 isn’t the worst result in the world.

Now, this week could be different. Vegas has Boise up 20.5 points right now, and I can’t really argue with them. This might be a bit of a long shot, but as long as Boise State keeps the turnovers under control (UNDER CONTROL MEANS > 3, NOT F***ING 7) they should run away with this thing. The Broncos defense is legit, only allowing 2.3 yards per carry and 4.6 yards per play overall. Sure, the Broncos were not playing top ten offenses, but this wasn’t the dregs of the MWC who has made their living by losing bewilderingly to OOC foes for the last month either. The team sure does need to stay focused on each opponent, each week, but the rest of us are free to dream about perfect seasons and playoff berths. The way Boise State is currently performing, no matter what you may have read on the internet about its impending demise, can lead a person to be incredibly positive about the future of the program and this particular season.

You mean the champ game could be a match between undefeated and ranked versions of Boise and SDSU? DAT MYSTIQUE THO.
You mean the champ game could be a match between undefeated and ranked versions of Boise and SDSU? DAT MYSTIQUE THO.
Air Force is scary AF. Wyoming is a trap. A matchup with SDSU for the champ game is going to be dark and as full of terrors as 75 degrees in a beachside city can be. But Utah State? This Utah State? Nah. They deserve whatever revenge Boise State is cooking up on Saturday night. Kickoff is at 8:15-ish at Albertson’s Stadium, or on ESPN2, and this just doesn’t feel like a close one. TBH, it feels like a an oldskool beatdown. Hopefully Boise puts up 77 points in three quarters and then benches the starters and lets Utah State bathe in their irrelevance. Maybe let McWeapon hit them with a pressure washer full of knowledge, since they need to learn the capabilities of one of those machines down in Logan anyway.

Build a $30m stadium renovation, still have stained-ass concrete at field level. Pressure washer is like $200 at Home Depot for a decent one. Pass a hat or something, guys. C’mon. It’s all about the details.
I’d say good luck, Aggies, but we all know I don’t mean it. As far as I’m concerned, you guys can sit there throwing Utah taxpayer money away for another 128 years, winning 6 games a season and coming to visit Boise for your pre-Christmas bowl game. Saturday will not be pleasant for y’all, but we hope you enjoy the beer you can get here, yanno, with adult alcohol content, and your customary 30 point loss. Go Broncos!

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