Rapid Reaction – Obvious/Not So Obvious Observations


First off, I need to rant. Why is it that in a time where parity is common, we can’t find a way to be excited as fans sitting at 4-0? I get on Twitter after we beat a team that literally whooped Boise State’s butt last year. And all I see is more complaining than excitement? “Rypien just isn’t who we thought he was” “Harsin needs to give up play calling” “We have fallen off”. Uh, no, they are 4-0, and you should just be happy to have a team that is winning. Stop with all this garbage, and worst off, the local media is a huge reason for it. Dollars to donuts turn on your radio Monday and the conversation will be focused on “the concerns Boise State fans should have”. I am just tired of it, enjoy the wins people! San Diego State got beat by who? Oregon (the Ducks) are 2-3 and just got schalacked by Washington State. If you really want to complain, maybe save it for Friday when you are forced to watch us play New Mexico on the road. Now, on to the fun stuff!

  • Chaz Anderson is not appreciated the way he should be. The guy is a stud at blocking on the edge on a lot of the big plays McNichols breaks. Take a look back to our 1st Fiesta Bowl, that team credited WR run-blocking as a huge reason they had such a dominant run game. It is a huge assets to have Anderson out there working his tail off in blocking for the running backs.
  • Moa is pretty awesome at doing awesome things like hitting the guy who has the football.
  • Targeting is a joke when it is called the way it was vs Moxey. He could not get any lower, he was attempting to trip up the legs. The RB put his head down, what else can you do as a defender?
  • The shovel pass is only cool when it works, and scary as hell when it does not.
  • Hey, did you guys know we are not in the Big-10!? But last night was like a Big-10 game? Oh and we didn’t get picked for the Big-12 if you weren’t aware. And apparently Frazier was not recruited by USC, even though he actually was? My point is, if we have to play at 8:15pm maybe you could send two dudes to call the game who aren’t complete morons? Thanks ESPN.
  • I am really curious to see what the RB rotation looks like at season end.
  • The fans did a good job showing up at the game, but did they do a good job at being loud?
  • The Mountain West is terrible, and we should all be rooting like hell for Air Force to remain unbeaten. Not for bowl implications, but for the very relevancy of the Mountain West.
  • Jabril Frazier is quickly becoming my favorite guy to watch on defense.
  • We are still pretty awesome at doing trick play things.
  • And lastly, we better hope Andy Avalos really loves Boise State, the city of Boise, and some local restaurant that you can’t find anywhere else in the country. Because if he keeps this up as the defensive coordinator, he will be at a new school next season.

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