Attack The Opponent: Colorado State Rams

We see you, CSU, coming to life and fighting back against Utah State last Saturday to get a win. Before that, they had been on a losing skid. They really feel like they turned a corner this weekend, came together, and learned how to win. Good for them. A real feel good underdog story, yeah?

Maybe they have really done it. But its Colorado State, so I don’t trust it at all.

you're fooling nobody, Cam.
You’re fooling nobody, Cam. You’re not sneaky, your game face consists of adorable bleating and banging your head into things, and you’re the worst liar since the little wooden dude with the long nose.

CSU has a good ground game, but is pretty much questionable everywhere else. Boise State has allowed more rushing yards than anyone would like, but New Mexico throws the distribution some there with their option-ness.
Coach Bobo might have CSU doing some good things against the likes of Utah State, which, granted, Boise State didn’t exactly blow away. But, the Broncos looked outfreakinstanding last weekend at New Mexico. Not many teams could beat Boise State when they’re firing on all cylinders, and the Rams just aren’t on the list. As long as Boise sticks to their goals, prepares, and executes, CSU won’t have the firepower or defensive prowess to make this game too crazy.

CSU spent their off-season flashing

He and Cam shoulda just stayed home and ate an xbox with you, stoner goat.

stadium upgrade plans and wooing the Big 12 (pretty unsuccessfully, might I add). Nobody outside of Colorado Springs thought they had much of a shot, but one totally can understand the urge to bail from the MWC for bluer pastures. Unfortunately, for all the money and tradition that CSU has, they can’t get it done where it counts for football – winning consistently This team is 3-3, and while none of their losses are to objectively bad teams, none of their wins are over good teams either. They’re a pretty good football team in a pretty good state with a pretty good reputation and the Rams aren’t going to do much to change that perception.

Keep reaching for the stars, Rams. Saturday is going to be a good day – there’s a fall weather game on The Blue with an 8pm kick (or more likely 8:26 pm) which is also on ESPN2. The Broncos are flying up the rankings, undefeated, and on the hunt for a championship, and, well, the Rams are in the way.

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