Is Brett Rypien better than Mark Rypien?

Is Brett Rypien better than Mark Rypien?

Simply put, no.

Being a superbowl MVP probably takes the cake. Brett Rypien is still only halfway through his sophomore year in college so a better comparison will be available after Brett’s career is over. But he sure has looked impressive in the past two seasons we have seen him play for Boise State.

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High School

Even going back to high school, Brett was impressive. He went to the same high school where Mark had his football number retired, Shadle Park High School. While there, Brett set Washington State records for: career passing yards, pass completions, and single season records for passing yards and touchdowns. Many of these were previously set by former BSU quarterback (“Hero”) Kellen Moore.

Brett also set single season records in the state for passing yards and pass completions. Now I’m not sure how good they were at keeping stats in Mark’s day but it sounds like Brett had a more impressive career in his high school years.


Mark’s career at Washington State was a little rocky, he had a knee injury his freshman year and almost left football altogether his sophomore year. His stats were pretty good his last two years he played but it was his play in the senior bowl that got him later drafted in the NFL.

Brett was supposed to red-shirt his freshman season but because of an injury to the starting QB Ryan Finley in the third game of the season, he came in and shined. In his first season, he put up 3350 yds, 20 TDs and was awarded the All-Mountain West First Team QB at the end of the season.

Halfway through his second season, and Brett has surpassed the stats that Mark put up in the four years he played at Washington State (two full seasons and half of his freshman/sophomore year). Brett even got the chance to face his Uncle’s alma mater, who also tried to recruit him.


Now the obvious point is that offenses have changed the way they operate over the years (Mark played from 1981-1985), and they put up larger numbers because skill, speed, coaching, etc have improved. But the counter to that is the competition is much greater in this day of college football – overall the teams that Brett will be facing are more talented than the ones Mark would have been facing in his day. So these stats are still very impressive and because of that I would argue that Brett is “better” than Mark Rypien, at least up to this point.

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