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Attack The Opponent – BYU Cougars

A rival is like a sibling. They have a place in the soul, and can push buttons like nobody else in the world. A rival knows you just as well as you know them. It’s a bond forged in the heat of battle, no matter what side anybody was on at the time. Boise State players consider BYU to be a rival, and thus, so it shall be…at least until BYU is forced in to a TV rivalry with Iowa State because of their shiny new Big 12 affiliation.

The BYU faithful won’t forgive me, but probably should, for not truly believing in this kinder, more sportsmanlike BYU. Fool us once, shame on you, fool us two or more times, shame on us. FFS, there’s an entire youtube playlist dedicated to their shady penalties. Nah, they gotta do better than half a season of good behavior.

This series is taken, on both sides, with a seriousness usually reserved for real P5 opponents. BYU finally has the schedule of one, but are rolling with the 4-3 record to show it. FFS, the Zoobs rushed the field this weekend after being Mississippi State. Yay, good job! You beat Pac, B1G, and SEC opponents in the same season! Those three teams have a combined five wins, so maybe slow that roll a little.

You too, Taysom.

BYU has put up solid numbers this season, and aren’t a bad football team. But they also aren’t what one would call a good football team. They would also like nothing more than to beat Boise State two seasons in a row, especially a ranked Boise State, and especially on The Blue. Their fan base is going to be insufferable no matter what happens Thursday night, but doubly so if their team wins.

So, what does Boise State have to do in order to ensure that doesn’t happen?

  1. Establish themselves in all phases of offense. Being one dimensional isn’t going to cut it, and McWeapon ran the ball a LOT vs. CSU to make up for weakness in the pass game. Can Sperbeck just start and QB, since he’s our more efficient player at that position? How is Cedrick Wilson doing and is he ready to catch 5 TD on Thursday night? Basically, are the Broncos going to be able to put together a complete game? Hope the team finds out before kick.

  2. Special teams needs to work on some stuff and things. Like all of the stuff and things.

  3. Contain Running QB’s. Taysom has managed to stay healthy longer than anyone anticipated, but it doesn’t really matter whether its him or Tanner Mangum on the field. The key to beating BYU is keeping those guys in the pocket. A few sacks should do the trick nicely to keep those dudes too scared of shadows to set foot beyond the line of scrimmage.

  4. Wear a cup. Maybe this is a changed team, a program that has grown up and is ready to take the next step. Or maybe they’re all just scared of losing a scholarship for being douchebags and are faking it until they make it. Either way, they are BYU and thus can be provoked in to bad behavior with little more than a little jawing and some decent defense. Protect the boys, Broncos.

  5. Style points. BYU is explosive and can toss up yards and points extremely quickly. CSU almost beat Boise last week with a demonstration of reeling off points in a hurry, and BYU’s defense is more legit than the Rams. The Broncos need to generate a ton of points, and the best way to make it look that way is to get stops. BYU’s offense can be frustrated, and I’m thinking Andy Avalos can coach circles around Ty Detmer. This is doable, and honestly, needs done. Not for the poll watchers, not for the team, but for BYU’s fans. Losing to Utah and BSU is a tradition for them, and who are we to deprive the faithful?


and now everyone's favorite game, troll or nah? point against: not an egg logo. point for: absolutely delusion.
and now everyone’s favorite game, troll or nah? point against: not an egg logo. point for: absolute delusion.

BYU is, frankly, annoying. I remain unsure how they maintain accreditation, they’re financed by and associated with a church of questionable origins and morality, they’re somehow going to get into a P5 conference despite losing more than any other inter-mountain west team who is taken remotely seriously who isn’t the Vandals. Their athletic programs are as mediocre as the views on their campus are spectacular. When the best thing about your campus is ice cream and mountains, maybe its time to re-evaluate.
The Cougars fans are pretty sure that Boise State is going to lose by one thousand points, and kiss Sitake’s feet before allowing him to leave our precious Blue. They’re also staring down what might amount to the best distraction of all time, which is just going to allow Boise to somehow, despite being 6-0, be able to keep their heads down and prepare efficiently to kick the crap out of a team that might deserve it more than anyone else on the schedule. See ya on Thursday night, Zoobs. The country will be watching. You ready?

They will be.
They will be.

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