Boise State running back Jeremy McNichols (13) scores on a 19-yard run during the second half of an NCAA college football game against San Jose State on Friday, Nov. 27, 2015, in San Jose, Calif. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Boise State: Loss hurts, but all is not lost

I think most of us fans have come to terms with the fact Boise State dropped a game in Laramie this past weekend. We have made it past the denial, anger, and depression stages of grief and now accept our fate.

Just to recap, here are 5 reasons I believe Wyoming was able to get their biggest win in program history and why Boise State’s once perfect season is now blemished.

  1. The 2-Point Conversion- Wyoming came storming back in the 2nd half and their QB Josh Allen had a pivotal TD pass with 6 minutes left in the game. They would have been down 1 point with an extra pt and BSU could have easily sealed the game running the ball with McNichols.
  2. McNichols fumble- First drive of the game, Boise was rolling, only to have it end on a turnover (on the Wyoming 38 yd line). You would think BSU would have gotten points off this drive, they also stalled the next possession and had to punt. 7 points off the board.
  3. No points off turnover- Yes winning the turnover battle is key, and the Coaches definitely don’t want BSU putting the ball into the opponents hands. But when they get the ball, take advantage of the extra possession that you aren’t starting at the 1 yard line and score.
  4. Special teams struggles- I’m sure it makes Coach Harsin sick to continuously have to beat a dead horse talking about special teams and turnover struggles but they have almost defined this season.
  5. The safety- After the 2 pt conversion which made this a tie game, this is why Boise State lost. Bottom line. Wyoming brought the heat and Rypien didn’t have enough time to get the ball out of his hands (maybe he only needed another second). But this is a very different ball game if BSU gets a chance to kick a FG or even win it in OT. Props to Wyoming d-line for getting to the QB




(The ball was in the defenders hands and he had no one in front of him. But he dropped it)

Ok so after recapping the loss, despite being still hard to stomach, we see there are lots of improvements the Broncos have to make. But all hope is not lost for Boise State & us fans. They are still 7-1 and ranked in the top 25 in the AP, Coaches, and CFB polls. The key is to focus on what the Boise State Broncos can do – which is win the rest of their games: San Jose St, Hawaii, UNLV and Air Force.

Here a few things I would like to see Boise State improve on to finish out the season:
(so they can win out)

Get Cedrick Wilson more comfortable as the punt returner. If you notice Moxey looks a lot more confident in the kick return game, so we need to get him confident back there. Also blocking the punt team better will be beneficial.

-Work to eliminate turnovers completely. Be stingy with the football. Don’t try to force things that aren’t there either. (I think the interception last game was because Sperbeck “fell down”/was interfered so that’s not really on Rypien)

-Get Mattison more carries. He was done really well up to this point and it allows McNichols to rest up and keeps him from getting too many touches so he doesn’t get hurt. (they did this well in the Wyoming game)

-Use TEs more effectively. Between Dhanaens, Roh, Knight and Blakley – Boise State has some great targets who could help draw some attention away from our star WRs. Also they can be used to block for Rypien – on the safety play they had 4 WRs and no TEs. (we saw a bit of this vs Wyo)

-Penalties. They have to play clean football, penalties kill drives and hurt chances for the offense to move down the field. This is especially true since Boise State has started with such miserable field positions all season. (they did better vs Wyo as well)

Here’s to hoping we can see these improvements made in the different areas and with that we hope to see Boise State win out the rest of the season! Go Broncos!!


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