Stats to Pass the Time



This is going to be a long week for a lot of Bronco fans. So to pass the time I just took some stats that I found interesting and threw down for others to read. The most interesting out of all them, the facts on how lopsided the Mountain West is right now.


  • New Mexico has a total of 4 loses, of those 4 loses, 3 have come on the road. Only 1 team has beaten them at home this year, Boise State. (Wyoming travels to New Mexico this week.)
  • All 3 of Wyoming’s loses have come on the road.
  • UNLV rushed for 401 yards on Wyoming, Eastern Washington 206.
  • New Mexico is the top rushing team in College Football averaging 335 yards per game.
  • The Mountain Division has a combined record of 42-24.
  • The West Division has a combined record of 26-41.
  • The Mountain division has 5 out of 6 teams bowl eligible.
  • The West division has 1 out of 6.
  • The AP Poll currently has 3 teams with 3 loses ahead of Boise State. (Is the media tired of Boise State?)
  • Then again, the Coaches Poll also has 3 teams with 3 loses ahead of Boise State.
  • Air Force in their last 3 games have averaged 397 yards per game on the ground… Get ready for that on Friday.
  • Brett Rypien has not thrown an interception in 8 games this season, including none in his past 3 games played. All of his interceptions have came in 3 games total.
  • By the regular seasons end, Boise State will have played 6 possibly 7 teams that will be going bowling this year, after the bowl the number will obviously climb by 1.


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