Idaho Potato Bowl: The Vandalization of Colorado State

Things happened on the Blue tonight, so I guess we should probably mention it. Idaho met up with Colorado State in the Idaho Potato Bowl this evening, and overcame huge odds to beat them 61-50.

Granted, I got bored and wandered off at halftime, but apparently it became a high scoring affair after the punt-fest ended.

It was freaking cold, and the turf was apparently a bit trecherous. I loved seeing comments on twitter about how Boise should’ve tarped the turf for this game, as to have people avoid injury. Bitch, BSU doesn’t cover that thing for anybody but the occasional international soccer team. Harsin can’t be looking out of his office and overlook some mess of plastic tarp.

This guy could do that kind of thing. But not Hars.

Photo: SB Nation
Photo: SB Nation


Anyway, um, congrats Vandals on their perfect 3-0 bowl record! Someone tell the tailgaters to pick up their mess on the way out and let Matt Linehan know that yes, Idaho’s president IS tone deaf. He’s also kind of an idiot, in only the way that an out of touch Vandal can be.

Welcome to your legacy, kid. Now please get off of our Blue.



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