BTN Predictions: Troy Trojans


Homerism vs. Data

Heart vs. Head

This game is going to be terrifying. Boise State could very possibly blow this thing open and win by bunches. Troy is perfectly capable of doing the same thing. Or, the more likely scenario, this thing turns in to a shootout because nobody can play super great defense. I believe that it’s Ryp’s year, so he’s going to put on a clinic by completing #AllThePasses and Boise wins walking away (probably purely on the strength of the conditioning program), 42-28.


This is the first time in perhaps 10 years I don’t have a clue as what to expect. First, we have Troy who has all the hype behind them. They ALMOST beat Clemson…They also got blasted by Arkansas State, and lost to Georgia Southern. They return a ton of starters, and people really think this is a loaded team. But in my mind, this is still a Sunbelt team. Boise State is still playing at home, and for all the hype Troy has, Boise State should still win this game. We may not know what to expect from this team. It has a lot of questions to answer. But one of those questions should not be can it win a home opener against a Sunbelt team. Boise State wins 49-27.


It’s been a while since I’ve done this so please don’t be too down on me. Boise State has reached a crossroads in how the future of the football program moves forward. Troy is also at the proverbial crossroads. One of these programs has a history of being a great G5 representative. The other isn’t ready for that step just yet. To be the best, you gotta beat the best. I see Boise State opening with a win and Troy playing the little brother. 38-20


After the longest off-season in our nation’s history, the Broncos are back on The Blue Saturday afternoon! Even with new faces on defense and questionable health at RB, the Broncos put a smile on Bronco Nation’s collective faces and start the year 1-0. Boise State beats the Trojans of Troy 34-17 in the scorching heat of Albertsons Stadium.


The first game of the season is always difficult to predict, especially when your team is young and inexperienced.  The die-hards know who a lot of these players are, but the casual fan may only recognize the names of Brett Rypien and Cedrick Wilson.  The casual fan is scared. I am not.  Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think this will be a #BEATEMDOWN type of affair, but I do think when the clock reads 0:00 the Broncos will be the better team.  The youth on defense will show, but the improvement of Rypien will as well. A solid one-two punch of Wolpin and Mattison will set up the pass, and the use of out tight ends (HURRAY!) will provide a distraction from Ced. Later in the game we will see hook ups a-plenty between Ryp and Wilson lighting up the scoreboard.  There will be some sloppy play, with turnovers on each side, and a late score by Troy will make the game seem closer than it was.

Broncos 44 Troy 40

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