Visualizing the Broncos: Troy

The improved stadium experience:

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Tentative positive. Sure, it was stupid hot, but after all the hand wringing over attendance, a decent 31k showed up to cheer on their Broncos and enjoyed things that were…better. More choices at concessions. Fewer booming ads and more timely replays. Stadium DJ @rexxliferaj (holy crap lil ol Boise even has a stadium DJ!) came up with a mix of music that kept everybody pumped up without distracting from what was going on down on the field. (I’ll even forgive “Sweet Caroline.”) The sensory overload was coming from the screaming of the crowd and the color of the turf again, rather than ad content. Can tell that daytime games rushed everybody though – from some fans showing up late-ish for tailgating to failing to ensure the stadium had enough water to handle a 100 degree day. Looking forward to that first “fall evening” type game- it is going to be spectacular.

Watch everyone’s new favorite return man:


When the only QB controversy is deciding if one exists:


Meh. We knew going in that Montell Cozart was going to get some work, but weren’t expecting as much. However, the man was the only one moving the chains, since BSU was struggling on the OL for a good portion of the game. It seemed as if timing was off just a little, but just enough to keep Ryp from being able to get comfy in the pocket. We can see that Brett just isn’t a runner, and that’s okay. Once the OL is whole with the return of Archie Lewis at RT next week, we’ll better be able to judge what and what is not going on up front. Cozart is a great #2 QB, especially if he can come in and keep the chains moving in those times when Brett isn’t. There isn’t a QB controversy, because churning one up after week one is absolutely senseless.

Of course, Bronco Nation is gonna Bronco Nation about it.

Observe the hustle:

Very positive! The Broncos were all business out there. They entered their day suited and booted with serious faces during the Bronco Walk, and just kept working all day long. This play, by all rights, should’ve been TWO different touchdowns. Instead, BSU was able to show that they, in true blue collar fashion, still don’t ever give up.

Good Eatz:


The best offense is a good defense, right? 3.1 yards per attempt was all Troy could muster on offense vs. Boise State. 2.3 of that was yards on the ground from a supposed offensive juggernaut of a team! The defensive performance really was the unsung star of the show – a team that couldn’t get turnovers, all of a sudden is making that happen. There are no more arm tackles. Big runs aren’t as scary. Passes are broken up. Even if the catch is made, there’s someone there to make life hard on the receiver. It’s nice to see the Broncos stifling defense back, and it’ll have to be even better to stop Washington State.

Up next:

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Boise heads to Pullman to face WSU on Saturday. Since BYU looked like a high school JV team rather than an FBS program vs. LSU, ESPN has put the Bronco’s matchup with the Cougs front and center on the Mothership at 8 PM.

WSU won big vs. Montana State, but weren’t quite tested the way BSU was during week 1. Matching up defensively with the Air-Raid is always interesting, and BSU is going to have to find a way to keep Ryp comfortable so that there’s a passing game for Cozart and his happy feet to play off of. Moving the chains is good, but a functioning offense with all the pieces clicking is much more fun. WSU looks to be coming together more quickly than last year, so the business-like attitude also needs to continue.The Broncos looked good enough in their victory over Troy, but they will need to step up just in case setting foot on the Palouse is as fraught as their 0-2 record up there would indicate.

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