BTN Predictions: WSU Cougars



Earlier today I was prepared to pick this game as a loss. WSU, on paper, should hand our Broncos an uncomfortable defeat. The boys in blue are over-matched in athleticism and experience, basically everywhere. The Cougars are ranked, even though their only victory came by blanking FCS underachiever, Montana State. Boise, granted, did struggle with Troy, but did also win. Both teams are 1-0, but WSU will be cockier than the Broncos, as always. If Boise State continues their businesslike demeanor of just getting it f*cking done somehow, they’ll win. Boise breaks the stormtrooper uniform curse, keeps their stellar record vs. P5 teams intact, and wins 24-21.


Last week I proclaimed I didn’t know what to expect vs Troy. This week, I still don’t have a clue. That being said, I did learn a few things and I will keep it positive. First, this secondary is going to be very good. Good enough to stop Washington State at this stage in their careers? Probably not. Also we learned the special teams might be very good. Though I am still confused on who our kicker is? In honor of keeping it positive, I will skip the offensive side of the ball and move to my prediction… Keeping it honest, I have Washington State winning 35-20. Call it a learning experience, call it whatever you want. I hope I am wrong, but I have a feeling we are just outmatched in this one.


This game is super-sketchy for me. I love my Broncos and it pains me to ever think they can be beaten. I usually pick them to win every game. If this game was on the Blue, I’d have the Broncos winning by 10.  But it’s on the Palouse and that might be a problem for a younger team. Also, Ryp needs to show me that he can come up big in these types of games. I hate to say it but the Broncos are going to take an L this week. Cougs win, 34-24.


Fueled by the fires of a million burning hot takes, the Treasure Valley slowly filled with smoke after the Broncos made their 2017 season debut in the smoldering heat of Albertsons Stadium. The Broncos won, and even covered the Vegas point spread, but Bronco Nation was still heated by the product on the field. For an encore, the Broncos head to Pullman to take on the PAC12 Cougars, and many Boise State fans are already prepared to burn the whole program down. Not so fast, my friends! This is still the Boise State Broncos, still the giant slayers, and still the scrappy underdog who won’t give up without a fight. Opening Saturday was a young defense’s coming out party, and this Saturday night a determined Brett Rypien will rise amongst the dense smoke of the Palouse like the immortal Phoenix of lore and lead the Broncos to an unexpected 35-34 victory.


I have gone back and forth on this one.  Like Tami, my first thought was to pick a big fat L for the Broncos.  The more I thought it about it though, I realized that WSU did not show us enough against the Figthing Choates to be scared by their ranking.  Luke Falk is good no doubt, but I have a feeling our young defense is going to have a great showing once again, and a few of Falk’s passes will be completed to the guys in all white. Despite its struggles against Troy, the offensive line start to get it together towards the end of the game, and I have faith that our coaching staff fixed some things this week.  Brett will have a solid game in front of friends, family, and loyal Coug Mark Rypien, but Cozart will close out the game for Boise State to run out the clock after Boise’s go ahead score and subsequent defensive stop with a few minutes left.  34-31 Boise State

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