An Apology To Bronco Nation


As many of you may know, or will now know, I’ve been a Bronco fan since 1989. Through the years, I’ve questioned everything there is to question about our Boise State football program. Anything from play calling to team starters to coaching changes, I’ve voiced my opinion. But, with the game against Washington State, I made one of the biggest mistakes ever in terms of my fandom: I lost faith before the ball was even snapped.

College football is a game played by college kids (I can call ’em kids because I’m in my mid-40s. GET OFF MY LAWN!). Inevitably, since their minds aren’t fully developed, they’re going to make mistakes as is consistent with the ages 18-22. Even a kid that has graduated and transferred is bound to make a few. I forgot this yesterday. They aren’t infallible. Not by a long shot. While we expect greatness from a team that has a record of greatness, it’s not something that should be relied upon from week-to-week or year-to-year. We’ve been incredibly lucky with most of our teams since the move to the Football Bowl Subdivision. I took this for granted.

While our coaching staff is paid well, they too aren’t perfect. No amount of money can guarantee that. Our program has had some decent hires. The last 3 have been pretty darn awesome.  Coach Harsin has been great for the Broncos. The problem is, I’ve been waiting for Coach Pete-type success and I’ll never get that. There are few greats in college football coaching these days and we were lucky to have that in Coach Pete. We will be fortunate to have that again. I am putting unfair expectations on the current staff to continue the same amount of success. They deserve better.

I bet you’re saying, “Noel! What in the Palouse is your point?”. Everything I’ve written adds up to my biggest mistake. Expecting mistake-free football 100% of the time + over-the-top standards for the coaching staff = counting the Broncos out before the ball was even kicked. My score prediction had them losing by 10 points. I didn’t give the young Broncos the benefit of the doubt. I should have. They played a good game, on the road, against a ranked P5 team. They still lost but they showed me way more than I gave them credit for. And for that, I’M SORRY.

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