BTN Predictions: UVA


This matchup is interesting. The last time Boise met UVA, Brett Rypien introduced himself to the CFB world with a huge throttling of the Hoos. Brett may or may not be back for the 2017 version of this game, but one thing is certain – neither of these teams are the same as they were. Virginia has a size advantage at WR, but BSU’s defense has been outfreakingstanding and should neutralize the threat. UVA’s defense has struggled against dynamic quarterbacks, but looked pretty good in the first half vs. Ohio State. Boise has the advantage on special teams and defense, and the offense is a toss up. On the Blue, against a Bronco Mendenhall coached team? I like those odds. Broncos won’t win big, but will win. Good guys, 28-24.


There area a couple of unknowns coming into this game for Boise State, which makes it very hard for me to predict.  Will Brett Rypien start?  Will he even play? How much, if at all will Bryan Harsin sit David Moa for his late night 6th and Main shenanigans? IF Ryp starts and plays well, Moa gets what he deserves for shoving a bro downtown (no suspension IMO), and Montell Cozart provides some great change of pace running plauys for the Bronco O, I see us running away with this one.  Our D will continue their dominance making it very difficult for the hoo-hoo’s to score, so as long as the O line has improved a little bit more, there is no reason we can not outscore them.  I am going to say that everything lines up for the Broncos tonight.  49-17  Broncos.


Some games come with a built-in narrative that gets a fan base fired up. This is not one of those games, for me. The only things that come to mind when I try to predict this game are negative.

I can’t shake the feeling that the story-line coming out of this game is some trash about how much Rypien has “regressed” since the first UVA game and that I’ll be inundated with #FireInsertYourFavoriteScapeGoatHere hashtags on Twitter. Bronco’s win, of course, but it’s an ugly 27-21 slugfest. Go Broncos.



I’m kind of unsure about some of the aspects to this game. The Bronco offensive line is still struggling so there isn’t much to the run game and that scares me. I do believe in the young defense though and I don’t think there’s anything UVA can throw at them that’s ultra-confusing. With that in mind, and barring a total mental breakdown, I believe the Broncos will win, 38-20.


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