Visualizing the Broncos: Virginia


So, it was the worst loss at home since losing to the Vandals on the Blue back in the before times.

Boise’s offense looked inept, its defense looked okay but got torched on big plays from the Hoos, and UVA looked like world beaters. Especially with a victory dance in our damn locker room. Thanks, Bronco Mendenhall.

It wasn’t all bad. There, as always, were flashes of greatness.

But even garbage time touchdowns can’t soothe the Bronco Faithful, one jerk got so angry he STOLE A DANG WHEELCHAIR.

Then on Sunday morning, we woke up to the second arrest of a FB player in the second consecutive week.

It’s always good to be a Bronco, but some days are better than others. Good news: it’s a bye week. There’s time to correct some issues before heading to Provo, get some rest, figure out how to offense consistently.

Now lets hope they do it.

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Goals update:

Win league


Win Bowl

Fiesta Bowl



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