BTN Predictions: BYU Cougars


Wow.  We Suck. (We being the BTN predictors, calm down).  Our predictions against UVA were probably the worst we have ever done.  In all fairness though, who saw that car wreck coming? It has been rare that our crew has picked a loss (HEATH, NOEL) and that was definitely not one game anyone was going to pick against the Broncos. It is time to move on now, and hopefully there is less suckage in this blog and on the field this week.

The way both of these teams have been playing, this game could be excruciating to watch.  I made the comment on Twitter earlier this week that we would be lucky to get a 2-0 or 4-2 game.  While I don’t expect a safety-fest to actually happen, we COULD be in for a defensive battle. I do not think however that the score will reflect that like the Canadian-Bacon-Dash-to-Goldy’s game did in 2012.  There are going to be a couple defensive touchdowns and some poor field position that will lead to easy scores. The Biggest deciding factor in this game is QB play: Will Brett Rypien over come the adversity facing the program, and will BYU even have a QB to play.  I am going to have faith here that RYP rips it (and his receivers catch it) and that BYU’s QB play gives many gifts to the Bronco D. Boise State 31 BYU 20.


Sharing Derek’s faith in both the improvement of our projections as well as the improvement of the Broncos is a little tough. I’m usually pretty centered, but I really can’t go with the whole we have an offense idea until it is observed to be functional for more than one drive a game.

That being said, I still think Boise wins this one. But I really do think it’s going to be all defense, and Boise wins 10-7.



I want to take a step back real quick and think of a single stat. Brett Rypien, 2x all MWC QB has not thrown a single TD this season. No seriously, don’t just read that, really let it soak in… Ok, now try and figure out how that changes vs a very good BYU defense? The changes Harsin was talking about better be pretty damn drastic or we are in for a really sad, bad, just screw it kind of night. I expect to see more Mahone, I expect Harsin is more involved in the play calling, and I expect a much better team than we saw against UVA. If we don’t, this season is going to go down in the history books as a pretty dark cloud. Yeah I am the Debbie downer of the group haha. But even with all that being said, I am actually feeling optimistic about tonight. I expect our defense to really cause major issues for an already anemic BYU offense. With that, I expect us to get some turnovers. This will allow Rypien and the offense to have solid field position to help solve some problems on offense. Final score tonight, Boise State 33 – BYU 17.


Predicting the score of a Boise State football contest is a fools errand these days. I’m not just saying that because I’ve been terrible at it, either! We’ve all been awful of late. There just doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason to the outcome of Bronco games this season.

Having said all of that, Momma didn’t raise no quitter! Here’s my prediction for this week: Boise State, coming off of a bye, schemes two touchdowns and scores two more. The Bronco defense limits the Cougars to 20 points and BSU survives Provo in a 28-20 battle.

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