Visualizing the Broncos: BYU

There isn’t much better than beating BYU, so Friday night was pretty great. No, the game wasn’t pretty, per say. But Boise State did what it needed to to do walk out of Provo with a W, and that’s all we can really ask.

Brett started to look a bit more himself, even if he only had 125 yards. That included his first TD pass of the season, which he celebrated in suitable fashion with a massive fist pump. There was time in the pocket, and the tweaks put in on the OL worked well enough to keep the ball moving down the field on both the run and the pass. There was some flair and fun, like when Alexander Mattison scored from the wildcat.

Boise just put in much more effective work on the ground, and was able to establish a rush game. Awesome! However, it was against a straight awful BYU team, no matter how good LSU and Utah made em look. Boise was more accurate through the air, Ryp was way more efficient than Tanner, and the recieving corps were able to clean up some of the drops. Cedrick and Jake Roh alone combined for 6 receptions and 77 yards, and 30% of Ryp’s attempts.

Mattison finally got rolling and got enough carries to get warmed up it seems, and had a bit of a coming out party. At 4.1 yards per carry and 2 td’s, he looked every bit like what kind of player we thought he might be. In an interesting offensive twist, TE Jake Roh ended up the most effective rusher, with 3 carries for 15 yards.

Basically, Boise’s offense wasn’t exactly fire, but BYU’s defense was more slush than ice.

Boise’s defense did well, holding a hobbled Tanner Mangum to 164 yards and intercepting him twice. BYU’s rush game was stifled, and Sitake ended up doing silly things like burning a QB red shirt with 2 minutes left in the game. It was so very much a win at BYU and it was beautiful in the same way a high desert is. Desolate, scary, a little wind blown, but a stunning view, nonetheless.

Bronco Twitter was mercurial, as is their nature, but finally bought in somewhere around the middle of the second quarter and very nearly enjoyed a win for a whole five minutes! Of course, immediately afterward, we had to see how the Cougars were reacting. An annual dunking in BYU tears is a tradition unlike any other.

Ahh, delusion. Straight to the veins, pls.

Gonna need it to get through next week, because SDSU is going to be a much different experience.

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