BTN Predictions: SDSU


I’ll be 100% honest: I’m afraid of this game. I’m not afraid that our Broncos will lose. I’m afraid that the college football world will think that the proverbial torch has been passed to another program with another loss to The Fightin’ Rocky Longs. The way to prevent that is to win, of course. I think the key, obviously, is stopping the Aztecs awesome running game. Their quarterback play has been serviceable and if the Broncos turn the game towards that facet, there’s a chance to upset the #19 team in the country. I think they do that and the Broncos win 32-28.


Having seen a lot of San Diego State this season, I won’t lie they are pretty good. They are basically everything you expect to see from a Rocky Long team at this point. They run the ball very well, protect the football, and play solid defense. Their QB is pretty average, but he isn’t asked to be more than that. Penny is going to get his, and the defense is gonna make our offense work. Question is does Harsin and company have any answers for this team on the road? My gut says…No, as optimistic as I can be, even our best day, this game results in a loss this weekend. I tweeted Rypien looks broken during the BYU game. Does 1 TD pass change that? Does one game where we run the ball make a problem fixed? I just don’t know. But if I was a betting man I couldn’t put my money on the Broncos here. I am going San Diego State wins 34 – 20.


Boise State, by the numbers and the eye test, should not win this match up. Thankfully, games are actually played, so we will get to see for ourselves. SDSU is a much, much better football team than BYU. Boise is an unknown entity, even if a much improved one. Sorry Heath, but Ryp isn’t broken. Both he, the receiving corps, and the stable of rb’s got better. They learned. There was no lack of try. I think the Broncos finally crank up this weekend and get everything firing at once and hand the Fightin’ Rockys the payback loss that the Aztecs so rightfully deserve. Boise wins close, 31-28. 


I do not like San Diego State. Or maybe, it is that I don’t like Rocky Long.  This guys is the master of the backhanded compliments, as well as straight out disses.  I really, really, really want Boise State to win this one.  Bryan Harsin showed last week that he can adjust a game-plan to fit the opponent, and I am hoping the same happens this week.  We all know that our defense can be one of the best if they are focused, and if they can stop the run and make SDSU beat us through the air, our talented LB and DB corps will keep us in the game.  The question is , will our offense get going? If so, I think we win a close, low scoring game.  My head tells me SDSU will probably pull it out, but I am going with my heart this week. Boise State 21-20.

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