BTN Predictions: Wyoming Cowboys


Is this a revenge game? Feels like a revenge game.  Let’s call it a revenge game. Last year many of us wanted a #BEATEMDOWN of WYO to silence their over-hyped fan-base. What we got was a crushing(?) loss sealed by a safety (and subsequential safety dance) that squashed our comeback attempts. Sounds like a good recipe for a revenge game.

As @JeremyKawika pointed out on Twitter yesterday, Boise State, although winning most of the time, has usually underwhelmed in revenge games.


So will we get it? I think so.  Will we underwhelm again? NOT THIS TIME

I am hoping the SDSU game gave this team some much needed confidence in winning however it takes, we see another great game by the O-Line and some more of that awesome, sufffocating D.  Although the Josh Allen hype-train has slowed a wee bit, it is still nauseating and I would love to see our defense finally derail it for good. I see a low scoring game, as Boise does what takes on offense to win, and the defense completely shuts down Allen and the Cowboys.  Get ready for sacks and turnovers galore! Boise State 24 WYO 3


When Wyoming is challenged at all, they either lose or get pushed to the brink. Facing off with Boise State on The Blue isn’t exactly like playing Hawaii. The Cowboys lost at Iowa, they got their ass kicked at Oregon, and their next beatdown is coming at the hands of the Broncos. I think Boise has their sh*t together tonight and puts on a clinic. We learned last week that the offense doesn’t have to be perfect in order for the Broncos to have enough gas in the tank to win. Revenge game or not, this game feels good. Hard to be pessimistic after watching what the Broncos did last week. Josh Allen is going to spend his evening contemplating how awesome the sky looks from his spot planted on his back on The Blue Turf. Boise State 28, Pokes 14.



I’ve been very skeptical of our Broncos all year. They had a great defensive game against the Aztecs and supplied a spark on special teams to finish SDSU off. The big question is whether the offense can join the party this week. I’m going to be optimistic and say that Ryp, Cozart, Ced, Jake, and the RB squad do damage while the D and ST pick up their ends of the deal. Broncos 38, Laramie Brown & Yellows 20


This is the game that many in Bronco Nation, myself included, have been waiting for. I still haven’t gotten the taste of cow manure out of my mouth from last year’s loss in Laramie. That damn Safety Dance still haunts my dreams. Make no mistake, it’s not revenge I’m after, its a reckoning!

Here’s the thing though, I’m not so sure I am going to get it. Don’t get me wrong, I think BSU will win, but this game could go any direction you could possible think up. Why? Because BSU and Wyoming are remarkably similiar teams.

Both teams struggle on offense due, in large part, to underperforming but talented signal callers. Both teams struggle to score 30 points. Wyoming has a talented and oppertunistic defense; Boise State has a talented and opportunistic defense. To top it off, both of these teams have been great on special teams. It’s like staring in a mirror for these squads.

The difference tonight will be home field advantage and BSU being inches better on defense and special teams. I think this game will be a fight, a fight that Boise State wins 31-23. Go Broncos!

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