Visualizing the Broncos: _yoming

One image pretty much explains what happened to _yoming (H/T @iwasrun) on The Blue on Saturday.

See? It’s perfect. Thanks Boise State Photo Services!

Let’s look at it moving, because why wouldn’t we? ESPN was so generous as to provide…

The Broncos dug deep and came up big at home, right when they needed to. Josh Allen did Josh Allen things, but was outshone at the QB spot by Boise’s tag team duo of doom, Rypien and Cozart. Boise’s defense was able to stifle most of the Pokes offensive burst, and probably more importantly, in the second half, Boise’s offense was able to take a lot of time off the clock by putting together nice, long, productive drives.

The Cowboys stifling defense was outschemed, especially in the second half. Boise did amazing things like move the ball and pop off big plays – things we have only seen flashes of.

Did I mention that Cozart scored 3 TD’s, one of which was this amazing play we’ve pretty much all been waiting for:

Ryp with a swing pass to Cozart is the stuff of dreams in this new Bronco reality, where Offense is a scramble most of the time. Boise had better time of possession, 342 yards to _yoming’s 242, and managed to win the turnover battle.

Things are a bit more correct in the universe when the Broncos have won, and this week was no exception. Sure, the rest of the MWC has lost its mind, and in breaking SDSU last week Boise has given themselves a strange situation – Fresno is the best of the west RN, and if Boise wins out we could end up playing those guys twice in a row – the end of the reg season and then again for the champ game. What a world. Best not to worry about things too far down the road though, there’s a lot of very interesting football to be played and games to be won between now and then.



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