BTN Predictions: Utah State

“Bob Kustra’s world is crumbling around him and he is desperate.”

  • Stan Albrecht, Former President, Utah State University. August 17th, 2010




Oh man!  What a plan that was! Of course in the end it still ended up with BYU as an independent (how’s that goin’), and USU is was able to move up to the MWC due to something else crumbling, but MAN WAS THAT FUNNY.

Seven years later and I still want to beat the hell out of them for that crap. Oh and that game where we turned the ball over 8675309 times doesn’t help. I WANT TO BEAT USU.

So what will actually go down? Boise State comes in with a 5-2 record, while USU is 4-4. I do think these teams are more evenly matched then the records show though.  Both teams have been great at creating turnovers, so I think this is where the game will be decided.  Whoever wins the turnover battle wins the game.  I think it will be a close one, but LVE, Nawahine, and Pierce all get picks with one going for a score. Jalen Davis will be shut out, and Boise wins 28-21.


As always, I’m befuddled by this team. The Broncos are on a mini-roll right now and the defense is close to being an elite unit right now. I see the offense breaking out a bit and this game is over by half. Broncos win 42-20


Bronco Nation is waiting for a breakout game from the 2017 BSU football team. That could come tonight. Utah State has trouble getting opposing offenses in 3rd and long and the Aggie offense isn’t know to make explosive plays against good defenses. That’s a recipe for a good night for Bronco fans.

The game plan tonight should be slow and steady (with extra emphasis on ball security) on offense, and relentless pressure all night on defense. If the Broncos don’t shoot themselves in the foot, this should be a statement game. BRONCOS 34 – 17 Aggies


The Aggies are that scary kind of team, rather like our own, that is just as likely to be awful as to be amazing from week to week. For USU, this is normal. Bronco Nation is in a strange new world. Doesn’t matter much, I have seen enough in the last two weeks to convince me, beyond the national power ratings, that Boise State will do just enough on offense to win. The Aggies may believe, may believe that they will, may believe that they will win, but so did SDSU. Utah State will be relegated to trying to win through the air, and might just have their own turnover-fest vs. Boise’s TO hungry defense. Broncos score at least once on Defense or Special Teams and beat Utah State walking away, 28-10. 

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