BTN Predictions: Nevada-Reno


Many conversations this week have revolved around who is Boise State’s REAL rival.  Is it old-school Idaho?  New-school BYU? New MWC rival SDSU? Or one of the WAC mainstays – Reno and Fresno?  This conversation is framed by the upcoming game against the Wolfpack, who whether or not they are our rival, are hated for many reasons, one being what happened on November 26th, 2010. Unfortunately due to the new MWC schedule, we only play them two years at a time before a two year sabbatical, which makes it difficult to maintain the burning rage of short field goals and shorter head coaches. Although I will not go as far to say Reno is our rival, I will never forget that night and how Reno-ites treated our team and fans after their win. Rival or not, I want to beat the hell out of them.

We finally saw a near complete game against USU last week. As our young O-line continues to grow, and our coaches continue to learn how to best utilize Montell Cozart and Brett Rypien together, I anticipate it will only get better.  I hope this week, against this program is where we TRULY take the next step.  A dominating defense, an explosive offense, and a struggling Wolf-Pack program are all ingredients in an epic #BEATEMDOWN casserole. Boise State 54 Reno 13.


Nevada has been slightly mild (like the sauce from Taco Bell) and very cold this season. A team that lost to Idaho State also almost beat Air Force, Colorado State, and gave Northwestern a fight. After seeing Boise State’s offense get rolling I can say with confidence that Boise will go off on the wolf pack. Mattison will get 100 yards and the Rypien/Cozart duo will probably throw a touchdown or two to Jake Roh. (Did I mention Nevada has the 4th to last pass defense in the country? Yikes!) Keep an eye out for McLane Mannix, he’s 4th in FBS among Freshman WR’s with 6 touchdowns. Boise State 45 Nevada 10


Reno is not a good football team this year, but this is the MWC and anything could happen. Luckily for us, the Broncos seem poised to do some very Bronco things to the Wolf [SPACE] Pack by virtue of getting the offense to click last week. Expect Reno’s offense to be possibly the most ineffective position group to play the game of football on Saturday. Boise State sends Reno home with their tail between their legs, 38-14.


Remember a few weeks ago when Boise State Twitter had the brilliant idea to start spelling the Cowboys home state _yoming because they left the ‘W’ on the Blue Turf?  Well, we might as well start calling Reno the Neva_a Wolfpack because there is unquestionably no ‘D’ on that team.  UNR has a bottom ten defense in nearly every statistical category. They are putrid. Tonight, the Broncos are going to put on a show!

A lot of the discussion around the internet among Bronco fans has focused on Neva_a’s porous run defense, but I think UNR’s sieve-like pass defense will be the key to a good night on The Blue.  The one area where BSU has yet to improve during this four game win streak is explosive plays in the pass game. I think the Broncos conquer that challenge tonight against a defense that seemingly loves to get beat deep.

Tonight (early evening!), is going to be an old-school throwback #BEATEMDOWN Boise State performance on The Blue. Avalos will prove once again that he is the Kryptonite to the Air-Raid offense, and the Broncos will have their way with the worst defense they will see this year. Broncos roll 45-17.  


How can I say anything about Nevada that hasn’t been said by the Blue Turf Nation squad already? I can’t. The Ostrich isn’t coming to Albertson’s Stadium with the Wolfpups so look for a solid #BEATEMDOWN early Saturday afternoon. Broncos 51-20

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