BTN Predictions: CSU Rams


Ahhh, #RamTears.  How sweet they are. Not much makes me happier than beating a team whose fans are boasting of their supposed prowess and clamoring for Power Five invites. This #progrum has always had visions of grandeur. They think they are something they are not, and now that they have their fancy-shmancy stadium complete with their sell-out craft brewery sponsorship it is even worse. I want more #RamTears.

The Rams came into this year as the pick-dujour to win the Mountain division. They were supposed to seek and destroy all MWC teams in their path. They looked ok to begin the season, but ran into a wall too familiar to us Boise State Fans – Air Force, and then _yoming. Next up is our beloved Broncos, and I do not think they will fare much better.

I am not too worked up about their threads for this game, but it seems a lot of folks are. If our team feels like this imitation is less than flattering and uses it for motivation then I am all for it.  This combined with the Broncos continuing to get better on offense, and its dominating D and special teams spells Blowout to me. Boise State 44 CSU 20.


This is the game that I’ve been the most worried about since late last season. There is an anatomy, a common thread, a predictability of a BSU loss. It’s not an exact science, but it sure feels like it. This game checks a lot of those ‘devastating BSU losses’ boxes.

Do the Rams have a dynamic QB and WR duo? Check. Are the Rams a talented team with a putrid historical record against BSU? Check. Have the Rams circled this game on the calander since week one of the season? Check. Add in the fact that this game is in the Rams brand new stadium and the Broncos might be less than impressed with CSU after two straight losses and the recipe for hearth ache is complete. I’m TERRIFIED!

So, yeah, I’m scared, but the fear probably isn’t entirely rational. BSU is far and away the superior defensive team, has been lights out on the road, and have been laser focused on bringing the MWC Championship Trophy back to Boise. The Broncos win a nailbiter 34-31.


CSU fascinates me. They must have the best PR team in the MWC, because every season they manage to sell being way better than they actually ever are. Look, the Rams have a solid offense like always, and some big DB’s that could make life hard for Ced. But, its not going to be enough. Rams, its never enough. The Broncos are coming, and have another beatdown for you in their bag of tricks. Boise wins big, again, 42-24.


Colorado State has a balanced defense so I imagine you will see a balanced offensive effort from Boise State, lots of Mattison and lots of Rypien/Cozart. The challenge for Boise State will be in the secondary, while BSU touts the 8th best run defense in the country. Colorado State averages 286 passing yards per game which is 26th best in FBS, and #1 in the Mountain West. They also average 197 yards on the ground but that will likely be stuffed by Boise State’s defensive front and linebacker core. Barring a series of unfortunate events, it’s a close one where Boise comes out on top. Here’s to hoping we have another Avery Williams appearance on special teams & turnovers on the defense (I’m looking at you Nawahine). Boise State 31 Colorado isn’t a state 24

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