Visualizing the Broncos: Colorado State

Okay, so the start wasn’t ideal. Boise got down big, quickly, by virtue of a few broken tackles and some bad timing. It was straight painful to watch – not because the Broncos were playing bad football, CSU was just playing that much better. The Rams were exploiting the Broncos up front and opening big gaps that was the basis for so much of their mayhem. BSU played their typical “bend, don’t break” defense, but CSU’s WR/RB combo of Gallup and Dawkins were taking advantage of the space they were left to make plays.

So, the BSU offense was going to have to do their part to win. The OL was down, and so was Mattison.

Like, extremely down, so he became a problem. 23 carries, 3 receptions, 286 yards (a new BSU single game record, thanks,) and 3 TDs. The man is going to get his thousand yard season. Imagine that, when thinking about his 23 yard performance vs. Virginia. Something clicked for the men on the line and Mattison, and its been incredible to watch.

Cozart was mostly taken out of the game by CSU’s stout defense. They game planned for him really well, which was pretty great because it looked like they hadn’t game planned for Brett much at all. 331 yards, 4 TD’s, okay, yeah, the one INT, but its possible he was just getting in a little #RespectThePast by getting his Zabransky on. It didn’t matter just a few moments later, because we got this.

I’m sorry. I can’t hear you cheering for Rypien over Jake Roh’s totally justified Twitter Heisman Campaign. 😉 #RohForHeisman

Every time CSU punched, Boise dodged. Sure, some glancing blows landed, and they stung.

But Boise never lost their fight. Even when a good portion of Bronco Nation was wavering, suffering their Palouse flashbacks, and not daring to dream of coming back from 25 down, nobody on the field hung their head. They were not going to let CSU win now, not when they had never won before. Bronco Nation just needed to have a little faith in magic.

Well, lets walk through it, Barstool. Let me draw it in crayons. Blue and orange ones.

First, Joel Valasquez and Cedrick Wilson led the perfect execution of what is widely (amongst those up at 2 am on Sunday) considered to be the prettiest onside kick EVER.

Then Mattison got TD #3 in OT, and the Rams got the ball back to try for the win.

But LVE and the rest of the Bronco defense were done messing around. It was time to finish, and they did a spectacular job of it.

The 2017 Boise State Broncos are better than that, and now EVERYBODY knows it. Woooooooo!!

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