BTN Predictions: Air Force Academy


WOW look at us!  All fancy with our CFP committee 25 ranking! Probably would have been ranked in the AP and Coaches Polls as well if the voters would have stayed up to see that amazing finish. And how about THAT game?

So what do we make of this match-up? As I said on the Twitter 2 Turf Podcast, Air Force scares me.  I know they lost a lot of starters, and the point spread is a hefty 17.5, but I worry that the three game losing streak might be in some heads.  The last time we beat AFA Pete was our coach and Southwick was our QB. HARSIN HAS NEVER BEATEN THE FLYBOYS. What the Hell? I do think that the streak ends on The Blue this year, though.  Boise State is on a new level after that win last Saturday, and they will show it.  Ryp is going to have a career game, and Avalos will stop the AFA option even if our entire 2nd string starts. Boise State 45 AFA 10


Hi! We have reached the point in the season where I am finally cautious and terrified instead of predicting blorange flavored blowouts. The guys haven’t beaten AFA in years. There is lots to be happy about right now as a Bronco, especially after that performance last week against Colorado State, but we’re getting deep in this thing and the tiredness is starting to mount. On the other hand, Weston Steelhammer ain’t walking through that door. AFA is not the same AFA we’ve seen, even though they will still retain that fight like dogs until the end mentality. Rypien is primed for a good time on The Blue (finally), and expect Jake Roh to have another spectacular one against AFA’s lackluster D. The question is whether their experienced offense is going to be able to find space against Boise’s defense. They haven’t been successful a bunch, but they have been successful. I think Avalos has got this thing figured out, so if enough Broncos are healthy, Boise should win. Broncos – 38, Fly Boys, 21.


Boise State has lost to Air Force three times in a row. That’s an undeniable fact. It’s because of that fact that most of Bronco Nation is terrified of tonight’s game. I understand the angst, but this version of the Fly Boys bares little resemblance to the teams that have upset the Broncos in recent years.

In 2014 Air Force finished the season 10-3. They matched that record in 2016 when they squeaked out a win to dash the Broncos hopes of a MWC title. This year AFA is 4-6 and are truly awful on defense. In fact, they are literally unrecognizable of defense, having graduate ALL ELEVEN of the defensive starters that held Boise State to 20 points last season. This isn’t the same Air Force, and we will not see the same result at Albertsons Stadium tonight.

Air Force will frustrate on offense, because of course, but Boise State will win with relative ease. Boise State 38 Air Force 21.



I was actually at the last Boise State win over the Falcons. Then I moved to Oregon. I can accept the fault in this if needed. Unfortunately, I still live in Eugene so hopefully that bad juju won’t be a problem. I do believe that the Broncos are on full alert defensively after the slow start vs. State Pride U. last week. I also think the offense has the athletes to run AFA out of the building. I predict a revenge #BEATEMDOWN – Broncos 45 Falcons 20

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