Visualizing the Broncos: Air Force

Flyboy’s wings get clipped

Last weekend, Boise State beat Air Force by a bigger margin than ever before. Definitely by more points than AFA was ever able to pony up against the Broncos. They never got the Boys in Blue by more than 2 TD’s. With the series tied now, I believe, that this game technically gets put in the RUTS (running up the score) category Damn, is it good to be back!

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Sneaking in to the top 25

Everybody remember on Sunday before last when Boise State wasn’t yet in the AP Poll or the Coaches poll because the votes were in before the CSU game finished? Then remember on Tuesday, when the CFP committee slid them in to the #25 spot in the playoff poll because they don’t schedule their vote like a bunch of east coast biased jerks. Well, this week, there’s votes EVERYWHERE and Boise has moved up to 24 in the Coaches Poll this week. Where will the committee put them? We’ll find out Tuesday night.

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Where were we? Oh yeah.

Air Force. Those guys had me nervous, and that was not correct. Without Weston Steelhammer, they haven’t quite got the defensive side of the ball figured out. We learned that early, when Ryp delivered a nearly 40 yard dime to Cedrick and this magic happened.

Boise was up 27-10 at half, and between the offense clicking like crazy and the Bronco’s defense doing things like Tyler Horton getting a scoop and score, it was already out of hand.

By the time we got to the fourth quarter, AFA was pretty much looking at a moral victory, which hopefully is their new normal against the Broncos going forward. Anyway, there was some chatter online about how ethical that last TD from Wolpin was, and honestly, I don’t care a bit.

That was a 7 play, four minute and twenty second, 44 yard drive. It was all but one run plays, with one incomplete pass that was PI on AFA. You don’t want a TD at the end of the game? Stop ’em then.

Next up

Fresnah and Fresnah 2: Bronco Boogaloo. It’s rare that teams play each other back to back, and just adds to the fun that the second round is gonna be for the championship. However, week 1, the Broncos are headed to Fresnah. Make sure to clean your shoes before ya head home with that nice milk can, guys.

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