BTN Predictions: Fresno State (Act One)


Well, we have arrived at the final game of the regular season. There were probably a lot of us who could have predicted before the season that this game against Fresno would have no meaning, but mostly because we all figured Fresno would not be any good, not because both teams had locked up spots in the MWC Championship game. Now we find ourselves in quite the odd position of playing the same team in consecutive weeks. This conundrum makes it difficult to predict the outcome.  Although I am sure both teams truly want to win, how much game-planning are they willing to show when the game that REALLY matters is next week? Perhaps they will have plays made to set up other plays on the next game? Or maybe they both go all out in each game and it comes down to execution (and maybe home field advantage).  I have a feeling we will see some sloppy, unfocused play by both teams in the first quarter, but will have an all out fight after that.  I anticipate a close game this week with Boise State winning 27-23.


Playing Fresnah twice in a row at the end of the season sounds awful. It’s like scheduling back to back classes on Friday afternoon or your boss calling for a three hour conference call at 4:30 pm. But, thanks to Fresno refusing to suck like usual, we’re going to have to do the one thing that fan base has always needed – two beat downs in a row for the Bulldogs to understand exactly where their spot in the MWC pecking order is. Spoiler: It ain’t in first place. Boise has won this match-up 72% of the time, and I don’t expect that % to go down any today. Fresno has a statistically beautifully defense, but it doesn’t look as great against competent offenses. Guess what the Broncos have now? Broncos win 42-28.


I won’t lie and say that I’m not anxious about this game today. The thing that relieves my anxiety a bit is the roll that the Broncos have been on. There was a real opportunity for a let down last week after the CSU comeback. There’s not the same opportunity this week.The Bullpups have had a great year. Second place isn’t bad, Tedford. Broncos 45, CSU-Fresno 21


It’s Game Day and we have a weird one Bronco Nation! Boise State plays at 1:30 pm (?) against Fresno State and win OR lose they will play in the Mountain West Championship game against…Fresno State? Solid scheduling there, Mountain West, real quality work.

Scheduling quirks aside, this should be a fantastic game to end the regular season. Boise State has a chance to do something that they’ve never done; run the table in Mountain West conference play. To pull off the elusive MWC clean slate, BSU must beat a decidedly solid Fresno team on the road. Will they pull it off? I say yes, but in much closer fashion than the majority of Bronco fans imagine.

Fresno State has a balanced offense (which has given BSU’s defense fits), and a defense that has the ability to slow down the resurgent BSU offense. This feels like a grind-it-out one score affair. Put me down for BSU 30 Fresnaw 24

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