Losing sucks, even when it “doesn’t matter”

I went into this game thinking like most, this game didn’t matter. Hey, win or lose we are going to the Mountain West Championship game. Win or lose, this game is likely in Boise. Win or lose, this game just doesn’t matter. But I was wrong, it mattered, and it mattered a lot. At least to me, and I was not ready for that. See as I watched this game I fell into the trap of “it doesn’t matter”. I watched the start with kind of a who cares mentality. Then I saw a close game at halftime and I thought BSU had this, but then they didn’t. I saw a coaching staff punt when it seemed obvious they should go for it. I saw so many QB draw plays that I almost threw my remote at the TV. I witnessed Mattison not get the ball early and often, and I saw Rypien on the sideline when he was playing some of the best ball we have seen from him all year. Then I remembered why I was so pissed, why I was irrationally angry at a game that doesn’t matter… It is Fresno, we are Boise State, we don’t like them, they don’t like us. But even deeper than that, Boise State is suppose to win these games. I won’t dive into the argument of Harsin or the games that have been lost that should have been won. I am just tired of losing games that seem so obvious we should win. This game never felt like Fresno was better, it just didn’t, it just felt like something was off. Something like, maybe we didn’t plan to win. That is an ideal I can’t stomach. A Boise State team full of kids who are out on the field giving it their all, playing a game that is setup to not have complete success.

This takes me to what I saw, the punt, the draws, the leaving guys open in the middle of the field. The complete change in what we have seen over their run back to the top 25. We didn’t see a team that was given a chance to succeed. Then came the excuses, well Boise State tried to hold somethings close to the vest, they didn’t want to show Fresno everything. They didn’t want to get guys hurt, they knew it didn’t matter with the AAC Championship situation. But my question quickly became why in the world would any of that matter? Fresno has a seasons worth of tape on Boise State what exactly are we hiding from them? In fact, Fresno has an entire career of Harsin and Zac Hill on tape. They aren’t hiding anything, maybe a setup of a play here, or a particular formation there. But honestly, Tedford is going to have his guys ready regardless of how Boise State played this game. He is not a rookie coach who is going to get sucked into some little tricks. So why “hide” anything, why call the game different? As Herm Edwards once famously said, “YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME”. And maybe they did, well let me clarify. I know the players did, but did the coaches? I don’t know, I just didn’t see it. I saw things we haven’t seen before, I saw a team who was ready for whatever outcome. But again, I am just a fan, if it was easy for me to get sucked into the idea this game didn’t matter, I guess it would be pretty easy for the team to as well.


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